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The 100 San-Diego-Comic-Con

Re-emerging from an Epic Battle

The 100′s highly anticipated season two doesn’t premiere for another three painfully long months, The epic season one finale left all the survivors of the Ark attempting to return to the surface. Meanwhile, The 100 engaged in an epic battle with the Grounders leaving some captured my the mysterious Mountain Men. What’s in store for season 2? Get the scoop below!

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Live updates of the Comic Con Q & A panel with The 100‘s executive producer Jason Rothenberg and series stars, Eliza Taylor,  Ricky Whittle, Isaiah Washington and Devon Bostik. 

3:28 PM – “We had a definite sense from the moment the ship dropped, where the season would end.” – EP Jason Rothenberg.

3:35 PM – “The evolution from beginning to end…was a huge thing for me. I’ve done things I never thought I’d do.” – Eliza Taylor.

3:36 PM – “It’s gonna get dark.” “Dude it’s already dark!!” – Ricky Whittle.

3:38 PM – “It’s gonna be…um really special. Yes. Really special. Special. Yes.” – Isaiah Washington, being cheeky as all outdoors.

3:42 PM – “Ep 4 when we were on the cliff when Charlotte jumped off was like 4 o’clock in the morning on a real cliff. That was hard.” – Eliza

3:45 PM —Fun fact: Ricky Whittle has to spend 8 hrs a day getting made up for his role as Lincoln.

3;47 PM – “I kinda had my taste of death already, y’know?” – Devon Bostik.

3:49 PM – “I like to think that Murphy is lying…I don’t know…mud somewhere.” – Jason Rothenberg, speaking for ALL HUMANITY.


3:54 PM – “I like the idea of y’know Lincoln drawing in a cave. We never get to see him on his downtime.” Devon Bostik being adorbs.

3:56 PM – “My fave moment with Lindsay was when she was sick in Ep 10. We saw her vulnerable side. Broke up with Finn. I cried.”

3:59 PM – “We’ve got all these characters on the ground now…But the people asking for the keys, don’t know how to drive the car.”

4:10 PM – Awesome to see enthusiastic fans asking great, challenging questions of everyone on the panel.

4:13 PM – “The network and the studio have been enormously supportive of us…They were even, like, ‘you could go further!'” – Jason.

4:15 PM – “I think in the end Octavia looks up to Clarke because she knows she needs her to survive.” – Marie’s view on Clarke.

The 100 returns this fall with all-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW. 

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