The 100 Sneak Leak: Season 2 on the Grounders



Expect relationships between the hundred and the natives.

Creator of CW network freshman drama The 100 Jason Rothenberg spills in a THR  interview what fans can expect from season two. Fans maybe talking more romance, more love triangles but Rothenberg has different plans for Lincoln and his clan the Grounders.

“Lincoln represents the fact that they’re not all bad and he’s not alone in that. There are others like him. The problem is, have we moved too far down this road of this war path to ever come together? In season two, one of the stories we will delve into is that relationship between the hundred and the natives who were already here. It’s a little analogous to the settlers and the Native Americans and how badly we screwed that up, and the hope is the people from the Ark don’t screw it up as badly. But, they probably will.” ~ Jason Rothenberg

Deaths aren’t the only thing to keep track off in The 100 series. – The Ark; The Grounders; Mountain Men; Settlers (Natives); The 100, The Elements (nature). So we’re keeping count are you?