The 100 Sneak Leak: Season One Finale Title Revealed



Who. Will. Be. Braveheart?

In an interview with THR, Jason Rothenberg creator and executive producer of the apocalyptic series The 100 reveals the name of the finale title, “Braveheart.”

When I think of the title Braveheart what comes to mind is the 1995 historical drama war film, one of my top ten favorite movies. Braveheart stars and is directed by Mel Gibson who portrays a 13th-century Scottish warrior leader of the First War that led to the Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. Taking into the consideration the nature of how Braveheart ends with the heroic death of it’s major character in his epic last words of “freedom” – The 100 series and a recent sneak leak about major character death, this confirms again a foreboding finale that will most likely keep fans in a prolonged mourning, which will most likely have you in a fetal position ’til the series returns for its second season.

It’s epic. The finale of the season is Braveheart. The Grounders are coming, attack against the hundred and there will be a lot of lives lost by the end of the season. ~ Jason Rothenberg

We’re certainly not happy about this. It’s the fear of having one of our favorite characters killed off but on the other hand it makes for jaw-dropping exciting television and it keeps us tuned in. Sooo let the theories and predictions begin. R.I.P. __________

We had a bit of fun creating our own Braveheart poster. A throwback color and feel from the original movie.