The Quest Executive Producers Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky Tease At San Diego Comic Con



Evolving the Reality TV Genre

TV After Dark went on their own quest during San Diego Comic Con to talk with Lord of the Rings Executive Producers Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky on their new ABC Reality TV series, The Quest.

The Quest explores twelve contestants on a journey through a fantasy world called “Everealm” filled with discoveries, challenges, adventures and good vs evil with a never before seen genre-bending fantasy reality series. Mark Ordesky shares, “We were hoping to evolve the genre that’s what we were hoping to do.” He continues, “We were hoping to take reality competition television and meld it with fantasy narrative story telling and hopefully move the genre forward.”

It Takes A Castle

So what does it take to find the right location? Executive Producer Jane Fleming talks about the importance of selecting the right location as she reveals, “We wanted to create a 360 degree immersive environment for our Paladins…we finally found Castle Kreuzenstein outside Vienna and it was perfect.”

Conception to Creation

Fleming shares the lengthy undertaking of starting The Quest with her business partner Ordesky. A surprising revelation we learned wasn’t exactly the four years it took the executive producers to evolve their idea into the new fantasy genre reality series, but learning that a big part of it was letting technology catch up where they were able to do so. Fleming explains, “It took us four years to get it ready to pitch to ABC and part of that was letting technology catch up and also us trying to figure out the perfect way to allow twelve people into a fantasy world.”

If it isn’t bold and scary it isn’t going to be great

The Quest has no weak link according to executive producer Mark Ordesky, “Ultimately you’re only as strong as your weakest link and there is no weak link on The Quest.” When asked about any doubts when introducing a new television series Ordesky continued, “Nothing that’s really great isn’t incredibly scary. Viggo Mortensen said that to me once, ‘He doesn’t take any role that doesn’t terrify him.'”

Becoming A Paladin

Fleming and Ordesky share that becoming a Paladin has several factors but it helps that those thinking about becoming a hero  will need to have an authenticity, diversity, real sense of adventure and the courage to be yourself. Fleming shared, “the twelve that dove into the experience with us new very little what they were getting themselves into, they entrusted us to take them into an adventure.”