The Quest: Show Opening


The Quest The Fates 2

When Fate Calls You Should Answer

Have you ever imagined waking in a world where magic exists? Where dragons live in deep chasms and dark lords rule the land with an iron fist? Have you ever wanted to enact your hidden gamer; the geek that resides in all of us? Well now’s your chance – welcome to a world where fantasy and reality collide; where dreams and nightmares come true. Introducing ABC’s upcoming reality-based competition series The Quest.

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Premiering on Thursday 31 July, this new, thrilling and original series drops 12 contestants into the imaginary land of “Ever Realm,” where a great darkness called the Verlocks have taken over a previously harmonious kingdom. To vanquish this evil, the players must reclaim the sun spear and conquer whatever terrible dangers the land thrusts at them –while all the world watches with baited breath to see who comes out victorious.

Using the creative powers of executive producers Mark Ordesky (Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass), Bertram van Munster (The Amazing Race, The Great Escape), Elise Doganieri (The Amazing Race, The Great Escape), Rob Eric (Queer Eye, Home Made Simple), Jane Fleming (The Frozen Ground, Tiger Eyes) and Michael Williams (The Outdoor Room, Queer Eye), the contestants will feel as though they have stepped from our universe into a place where ghost riders and masochistic wizards are watching them from the shadows.
Catch a glimpse of what The Quest has to offer in the riveting title sequence below, and be sure to tune in when the madness descends upon your household.

Source: ABC