The Walking Dead Episode (4×13) Review – “Alone”


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What About Bob? – in this episode of The Walking Dead

As the fourth season of The Walking Dead begins to wind down, the show decided to treat the audience to a bit of Bob’s history. Not only do we discover what he went through before he hooked up with Rick & Co., but we also get a look at how he has made himself a part of the group since. Most notably through his relationships with Maggie and Sasha. “Alone” may be the title of episode 413, but it’s also a reference to how Bob Stookey felt before he found new people to build a community with. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth continue the search for supplies and shelter when their partnership they’ve built since they fled the prison gets torn apart. This week’s episode wasn’t zombilicious as one might expect from a show named The Walking Dead (except for that gnarly funeral home scene), but that’s not really what this show is about. It’s about people, and how they survive when all hope seems lost. Our folks have been separated from each other for weeks and hope is the only thing that has kept them going. So without further adieu, let’s shamble along and discuss “Alone.”

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“We get warnings and the next one’s on us.” The only thing we’ve known about Bob was that he’s an alcoholic who’s been a member of two other groups and somehow managed to be the lone survivor. This week we learned how he survived alone until our gang picked him up. All season Bob has appeared to be detrimental to the group. His addiction led him into a situation that caused Beth’s boyfriend to get killed. Another time he was so busy trying to get high that he couldn’t clearly focus on the task at hand to get medicine for everyone back at the prison who had the new strain of the flu. Now we know why. When he first met our people, Daryl asked Bob, “How many people have you killed?” Bob’s reply? “One.” Unlike our folks, Bob wasn’t a skilled fighter. All that’s changed.

Sasha: You don’t have to do it. You don’t have to be alone again.

Bob: I won’t be.

The Walking Dead 4x13 05

Don’t risk your lives for me. Good luck! I’m glad we’ve finally gotten answers about Bob. He’s been a huge mystery all season, and let’s be honest, he comes across kind of creepy. Now that it’s just him, Sasha and Maggie, we can finally see there’s more to the man. In this instance, he’s the glue holding the girls together. While Maggie’s determined to search for Glenn, Sasha is afraid to search for her brother. They’ve gone through so much together, what if she searches and discovers he’s dead? Maggie and Bob are full of hope, but Sasha is full of fear. This dynamic was interesting, because Sasha has always been strong, but now she’s struggling. The other great thing about this trio is Bob’s infatuation with Sasha. This is the one thing that makes him less creepy. Unlike the others, Bob has spent most of the Zombie Apocalypse alone, so he’s used to having to depend on himself, while the girls have always had the people they care about with them. Now that Bob is once again alone searching for Maggie, I hope the show allows the girls to catch up to him so we can possible learn more about Bob. Maybe we’ll finally learn how the other groups he joined up with died.

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“I’m getting good at this. Pretty sure soon I won’t need you at all.” Beth and Daryl have gotten pretty close. So close, in fact, that I was starting to be concerned. Yes, Beth is a big girl, but something about Daryl’s ruggedness and experience makes him seem so much older. Too old for them to hook-up, but considering Beth has ditched Daryl to be Walker food must means romance isn’t in the cards for them. Thanks be to god! Anywho, while a romantic pairing may not be on the horizon, their friendship was pretty locked down. After watching Daryl act like a jackass last week, it was nice to see the two joking around as they searched a local funeral home for supplies. The pair reached the highest levels of adorableness when Daryl climbed inside a coffin to kickback while listening to Beth sing and play the piano. Hey, without TV, you have to make your own fun! That’s why it was so disappointing to watch Beth take off in their car, leaving Daryl behind to get swarmed by stampeding Walkers. Now Beth is in the wind, and Daryl has been forced to join up with Joe and the Rowdy Bunch.

Joe: Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?

The Walking Dead Episode 4x13

After this week’s episode there are only three more episode left this season. All of our peeps are on the tracks heading towards Terminus, “Sanctuary for all, Community for all that arrive survive.” Now that Beth has taken off with a car she just may pick up all the strays, and the action can really get started, because I think we all know that Terminus won’t remain a sanctuary for long. While many folks haven’t been happy with all of the down time since the big prison shootout, it’s been necessary to develop the new characters and set up a Governor replacement. Out of all the new folks, who do you vote for to fit the Governor’s shoes?