The White Queen: TCA Trailer


The White Queen with LogoThe real war is fought off the battlefield.

STARZ’s newest series, The White Queen, premieres next Saturday at 8PM. This series focuses on King Edward IV, and his controversial marriage to commoner Elizabeth Woodville. While Edward continued to fight for the York claim to the throne against their Lancaster cousins, Elizabeth fought rivals of her own. This series is adapted from author Philippa Gregory’s The Cousins War novels, and takes place during the War of the Roses. Check out the new trailer released during the Television Critics Association press tour last week.

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This new trailer focuses on the intrigue and rivalries between the York and Lancaster families. Cousins, each with a claim to the throne of England, they fight over the throne will major casualties on both sides. When Edward IV (a York) married Elizabeth Woodville (a Lancaster) against his family’s wishes, the kingdom was throne into turmoil. An act that should have bridged both sides of the Plantagenet family ended up causing an even bigger rift. Elizabeth, a commoner and a widow, took the brunt of the blame, and became a target for all of Edward’s enemies.

“I’m the Queen of England. All of you will dance to whatever tune I sing.”

The White Queen Premieres Saturday, August 10th at 8PM on Starz