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Sassy, Nasty & A Whole Lotta Classy: The Top TV Women of 2013

If you had to sum up the TV Women of 2013 in one word, I think it’s a fair call to say that word would be “empowered”. It was an utter festival of fierceness across the board this year. There were wicked women, wild women, women of war and women of wit and courage. Impetuous, loyal, sinister, sophisticated and headstrong; indeed, we were very spoilt for choice when it came to choosing our leading ladies. To find out who made TVAD’s list of Top TV Women of 2013, check out the post below!

“She’s a true pioneer in her portrayal of various characters, but it’s been her act as Fiona Goode that awards her in 2013.” ~ Jayne Balke


I’ve only recently fallen into the dismal and captivating world of American Horror Story, and I largely attribute that fascination to Jessica Lange. She’s a true pioneer in her portrayal of various characters, but it’s been her act as Fiona Goode (an oxymoron even in name) in American Horror Story: Coven that awards her as my favourite female character of 2013. The “Supreme” witch in her coven, Fiona’s only redeeming quality is her love for her daughter; otherwise she is both a manipulator and a murderer. With a new Supreme rising amongst their ranks, Fiona is slowly deteriorating, succumbing to terminal cancer. Yet, despite all odds against her, she escapes the coven’s ploy to drive her to commit suicide and arises to take back control. Fiona is almost comical in the way she asserts dominion over the witches under her charge. Did I mention she slit a girl’s throat when she thought that girl was the next Supreme, in order to steal her power? Frankly, I’d watch the show just for Jessica Lange. She’s formidable and I’m always aching to see more.

“The writers have actively made the sexiest thing about her, her brains, her sass, and her wit.” ~ Erin Brown


Felicity Smoak played by Emily Bett Rickards would have to be my pick for favorite woman of 2013. I think the reason I like her so much is that the writers have actively made the sexiest things about her, her brains, her sass, and her wit. I like that her character challenges Oliver in a way that Laurel doesn’t; Felicity’s chemistry with Oliver comes out of actual, strong friend-based relationship first and foremost and there is something so wonderfully honest, real and refreshing about that. They’re not purely relying on the sexual tension (although there is SO MUCH of it) to get them over the line. For me I find I want them to succeed not just as lovers (if that actually ever happens!) but also as honest, great friends too.

“She may not have been the most sympathetic of characters, but she was very well-rounded.” ~ Graham Eveleigh

The White Queen

Readers of the TVAD Awards will probably guess who my favourite female character of 2013 is: Amanda Hale’s Lady Margaret. Billed as the villain of the piece, she was gradually revealed as more complicated than that, and Hale’s multi-layered portrayal was one of the best performances this year. From her earliest scenes going without food and blinding following her faith to her climactic victory, the character went on a tangible journey. She may not have been the most sympathetic of characters, but she was very well-rounded.

“In my article about episode 8, I expressed my dismay as to why some critics have not taken to her portrayal. It seems that fans have spent more time asking whether she is pregnant than just sitting down and appreciating a very complex but highly skilled performance. She proves it in every single episode – I was tempted to select her every single week! – but this episode is one of her absolute finest hours.” ~ Graham Eveleigh

“She brings something amazingly refreshing and captivating in her role.” ~ Romancia


This wasn’t as difficult a choice as I first thought it would be, choosing my 2013 favorite female for TV After Dark’s Television Time Capsule. Three names came to my mind very quickly and each of these characters exhibited everything you would want to have in a female lead, but one of the three didn’t just demand your attention – she commanded it. Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) is my favorite female for 2013. She started out as an innocent but as each scene played out, she became this slow ember of determination; her character grew and evolved into a compassionate but fierce leader. A woman first and foremost, but someone who knows who she is, what she must do. Even her vulnerability has this steely inner strength, her willingness to accept and even embrace the power in her sexuality. Daenerys is not just hope and freedom but a liberator, mother and I suspect soon to be Queen – because to acquire the throne ultimately you must earn the trust of the people. Emilia Clarke brings something amazingly refreshing and captivating in her role as “Daenerys Stormborn – the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, khaleesi to Drogo’s riders and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.” Watch Scene

“Woman?” She chuckled. “Is that meant to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.” Dany met his stare. “I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, khaleesi to Drogo’s riders, and queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.”

“She is very much like all women. She just wants to be loved and accepted.” ~ Stephanie Flasher


My favorite female character for 2013 is Rebekah Mikaelson (played by Claire Holt) from The Originals. She is one badass bitch. I love that despite everything her family has done, she is loyal and extremely protective of them. The fact that Rebekah feels she must look after Hayley because she’s carrying Klaus’ child is great. I love that despite Rebekah’s hard exterior she is very much like all women. She just wants to be loved and accepted. I love that she’s not afraid to put people in their place, but can also be caring and compassionate.

“The most fabulous costumes and witty lines, she was one of the most engaging and intriguing characters in the show.” ~ Alexandra Chambers


I have such trouble picking favorites because I love so many of the characters for different reasons. I absolutely loved the Red Queen (Emma Rigby) from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland because she was set up as a ‘baddie’ but as the story progressed, we learnt more about her past, saw more of her vulnerability and by the winter finale her character had changed so much she was the one I cared about the most. With the most fabulous costumes and witty lines, she was one of the most engaging and intriguing characters in the show. I just wanted to know more about her every week.  The more we knew about her, the more we knew she was probably not going to be able to get what she wanted and the writers turned that around in such a way that I felt sorry for her, as if she was the one who was being caused all of the pain rather than the other way around.  I also had a suitable amount of fangirling over Clara from Doctor Who, the new girl on the block with those wide, chocolate eyes.  She was a character that I could relate to, with a real life and a great combination of amazement and groundedness. It seems I have a thing for the UK actresses, either that or they just get the best parts.

“I love how she makes even the shy girls look savvy and attractive.” ~ Connie Allen


2013 brought to the small screen so many memorable and strong female characters. It’s really hard to choose the best, which is why I’m glad that we get to choose our favorites. For me, the characters I tend to love are usually ones I identify with at the end of the day. Ingrid Beauchamp is such a character. Although I don’t come from a family of magical witches or have as many bad boy issues as her, I love how she makes even the shy girls look savvy and attractive.

In Witches of East End when we first meet Ingrid Beauchamp, her head is in a book. She’s a librarian and has a hard time finding confidence. Well, that all changed when she learned her family’s legacy. Next thing you know, Ingrid is challenging authority figures, casting spells, and finding a lot of significance as a game changer with her literally being the key everyone’s fate in the season finale. Ingrid Beauchamp is a strong female character who made a lot of sacrifices in her personal life, but that has only made her a stronger and better character. She has had to let the ghost of the man she loves move on, rather than see him be trapped earthbound. AND one of her former incarnations was resurrected back to life! All of this in the first season no less. It hasn’t been easy on her, but what’s a witch to do? Rachel Boston also plays a large part in Ingrid’s success from book to screen; Boston interprets Ingrid in such an expressive way it goes beyond the scripted page. The only question after the dramatic season finale of Witches of East End is whether she will embrace her dark side in season two.