Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×03 “Forget Me Not” Review


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1x02

The Knave’s past revealed

The storyline of OUAT in Wonderland just keeps getting more and more intricate as the story continues.  This time we got a closer look at the Knave; once a member of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, The Knave AKA Will Scarlet stole a looking glass from the sorceress Malificent, this magical object enabled Will and his love Anastasia to travel to Wonderland. Meanwhile the journey of Alice takes us through Wonderland to locate the forget me (k)not, a rope that will help Alice and the Knave find out who stole the genie’s bottle and find out they do.

OUAT in Wonderland makes me want to revisit the stories of my childhood.  The way this brings stories and legends to life is beyond the imaginings of that child. I particularly love how seemingly ordinary words or phrases are given life of their own in the world of Wonderland.  In this episode forget me not becomes a device that can show you the recent past of whatever you hold it up to, I don’t know who came up with this or how but I love it.  This episode also expanded to the world of Robin Hood and his band of merry men and includes Malificent, an evil sorceress who also features in the Disney syndicate, this time from Sleeping Beauty.

Wonderland takes a dark turn… To the underland where we properly meet The Caterpillar for the first time, a much darker incarnation than the character that lives in my memories.  Although a little scary and possibly drug-addled, I felt he was basically harmless, the impression that I got from this episode of OUAT in Wonderland is that he is far from harmless. The Caterpillar has become the Wonderland equivalent of a mob boss, running the Underland in ways that aren’t quite clear, what we do know is that it is a dangerous idea to cross him, something The Knave has clearly done.

“So we’re about to make the most cruel and powerful insect in Wonderland even more powerful and therefore even more cruel?” ~ Alice

Speak of the devil… Who exactly is the Knave? At the end of the previous episode I was despairing that we didn’t know much about him at all, now we have been given more information and I am left not knowing what to think.  We knew about Anastasia, his lost love but we didn’t know who she was and whose heart was broken.  We also have learnt that he was from another land and once a member of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, a group he used to facilitate stealing a looking glass from the sorceress Malificent, all for the love of this Anastasia.  However none of this intrigues me quite as much as the identity of this mystery woman: none other than the Red Queen.  Truthfully I suspected as much from the moment we saw her blonde hair but the confirmation has raised a whole lot of questions in my mind; most importantly, what is going to happen now that the Kanve knows that the Red Queen has the bottle? How long ago did this all happen?  Do either of them still feel anything for the other?  Will this complication alter their loyalties? The most telling scenes are alongside the Grendel, when he tells Jafar and the Red Queen that the man with Alice is the Knave, her expression tells us that she is trying very hard to hide something about him from Jafar.  Likewise the expression on the Kanve’s face when he learns that the Red Queen is behind his disfigurement, is that guilt?

Blurred Lines… no, not the song! OUAT in Wonderland episode 1×03 “Forget Me Not” has really blurred the lines between good and bad, right and wrong, something that I feel is going to be present throughout the series.  Beginning with the more obvious, Merry Men, who are not thieves by their own definition:

“We help those in need, a thief only steals for himself… We have a cause that’s bigger than any one of our own needs and that cause is humanity.  When you steal for personal gain, the first thing you lose is yourself” ~ Robin Hood

The story of the Grendel is another example, something initially feared as a horrible monster became a man to be pitied because of his circumstances.  Then there’s the White Rabbit, is he a friend of Alice?  or the Red Queen?  Is he simply being blackmailed?  Alice Will & Anastasiadoesn’t see it that way, it is a betrayal.  Finally there is the Knave and the Red Queen, or is it Will and Anastasia? Will their history affect the Knave’s Loyalty? All of these things fall into a moral grey area that the writers are playing on, challenging how we think and feel about each character as well as the black and white good/bad structure presented by the fairytales of our childhood. After all, in life aren’t these things a little more relative than that?  Currently our measurement of ‘good’ in OUAT in Wonderland seems to be Alice and her quest to be reunited with Cyrus, who knows what will be thrown at us next week to challenge that?

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×04 “The Serpent ” airs Wednesdays, OCT 31 at 9|8c on ABC