Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×04 “Serpent” Review


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Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Episode 1×04 “Serpent” Review

The Plot Thickens… This week Alice’s journey turns towards the Red Queen, after learning that she is in possession of the bottle, Alice seeks to confront her on Cyrus’ location, much to the displeasure of Will.  As it turns out, they don’t have to go too far since the Red Queen has been prompted by Jafar to remove Will from the equation.  The flashbacks this week revolve around Jafar’s history, starting as far back as his childhood, when his ambition and desire for revenge led him to Amara, a sorceress in Agrabah.  Amara trains him in magical arts and ignites his lust for the Genies, we now know that he is searching for 3 of them, Cyrus being the third and final one.

1x04 Jafar TweedlePast and Present Collide… During the run of the show I have noticed that a character will often speak words that they themselves have heard before.  Each episode has a line or two that pop up in flashbacks and again during the canon of the show.  This shows us what is important to the character as well as something that has clearly shaped their life between those two moments.  This week we had this beauty from Jafar’s past:

“By showing me that you’re willing to do whatever’s necessary to get what you want.  Are you? Or are you still just that little boy who came to my door, full of anger but little else.” – Amara

Shortly after this scene, Jafar virtually parrots these lines to the Red Queen, showing us that this was clearly a moment of his life that has stuck with him all these years.  This episode gave us quite a peek into Jafar’s life and how he got to be where he is.  Set on this path by Amara, a little boy who was angry at the world has been turned into a very powerful man out for revenge and he is very close to getting what he wants. Now that we have seen what he is capable of, it makes me wonder if there is anything that he won’t do to get what he wants, and, if Alice wishes three times and Cyrus returns to his bottle, which we all know is possessed by the Red Queen, what will Jafar do to her to get the bottle off her?

Speak of the devil… The Red Queen played a glorious role in this episode!  Without being told anything directly, we were able to learn a lot about her character; I think it is beginning to be clear that she broke it off with Will, given his attitude towards her and the guilt she is feeling.  It is also obvious that she clearly still feels for him, just watching her throughout the show, when she avoids having him killed, when she says that she will send the White Rabbit to get him out of there, when she can’t look at him during the attempted beheading 1x04 Stone Willbut most of all at the end, when he is being threatened and then turned to stone by Jafar.  We are beginning to see a softer side of the Red Queen that may offer a glimmer of hope for her to return from the dark side.  Her scenes with Alice and the Knave were everything I hoped they would be, I loved that once Alice found out the Red Queen and Anastasia were one in the same that she slapped her right across the face because clearly the Red Queen is not ready to give up her crown for her lost love.  Also, the confrontation with Will, how he called her out on her feelings and forced her to keep up her pretence:

“You should know better than anyone that the surest way to make me do something is to tell me that I can’t” – The Red Queen

Genie in a bottle… Or in this case, a cage.  It seems that Cyrus isn’t as helpless in all of this as we may have thought, he may simply have been biding his time, after all, he does have his own form of magic and at the very end of the episode we see that he is beginning to break out. Which brings me to the one character we know nothing about is the other captive in the dungeon, there is a very real chance that he could be a spy also, not that he has all that much to tell but who knows where his loyalties lie.  He is quite important though, without him there would be no dialogue with Cyrus and we do need to hear a bit from him without a captor around.

Wonderland just keeps getting better and better, I wonder what we will learn next week!  See you next time!

To find out we will just have to keep watching.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×05 “Heart of Stone” airs Thursday, NOV 14 at 9|8c on ABC