Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×05 “Stone Heart” Review


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1x02

Seeing Double

This episode took us to where we left off with Will and Anastasia, about to jump through the looking glass and what happened to them in their first few weeks in Wonderland.  As it turned out, Wonderland was nothing  like Anastasia expected and she quickly grew disheartened.  Their desperate search for food led them to gate crash a ball at the castle where they were discovered wearing stolen clothing.  It was Ana who then suggested stealing the crown jewels and taking them back through the looking glass to make a new home for themselves once again, this plan again was unsuccessful and she was caught by the King himself.  The King then asked her to be his Queen because of her drive to be more than she is.  Back in Wonderland Cyrus is escaping, the White Rabbit has been blackmailed to work for Jafar and Alice was enticed into finding magic dust for the Red Queen.

The Plans of Mice and Men… Anastasia is a dreamer, always making plans for a better life, when things weren’t working out at home she and Will jumped through the looking glass into Wonderland to escape her mother and to build a wonderful life together.

“When I first heard about Wonderland I thought the wonder was short for wonderful… “

As it turned out Wonderland wasn’t as wonderful as she first thought and they struggled to even find food. At the ball you could tell that she wanted a life like the ladies of the court, copying their speech and loving the atmosphere at the ball. Side note; her dress seemed to me a little too modern-day real world for a Wonderland ball, it was too different to what all the other women were wearing, especially if the dress was stolen from one of the court ladies.  Ana was raised by her mother to be a social climber, always wanting more than she has and it seems that she would often get what she wanted.  It felt to me that Will was willing to do whatever it took to build a life for them but Ana hardly gave it time to work out before she was onto the next thing or giving up because it was too hard. Seduced by power, money and a strong desire for more than she has, Anastasia chose the life she wanted rather than Will, something that is being challenged by Alice’s actions in putting Cyrus first. This becomes obvious when she uses some of her precious magic dust to free Will from his stony prison.

Jafar vs. The Red Queen… In the previous episode, these two characters were professing to be a team, now they seem to be workingJAFAR white rabbit independently of each other.  Jafar is using every resource he can think of to force Alice into making her wishes; he has Tweedles working for him (albeit reluctantly) and is now blackmailing the White Rabbit too.  Jafar isn’t really doing himself any favours though because he is not making allies, the people who are helping him are all doing so reluctantly out of fear, will this ‘loyalty’ be enough for Jafar to succeed in his plan or will he find himself fighting alone?  Also, whose side is that White Rabbit on anyway?  He has been blackmailed and used for information by just about everyone, I can say this though, he could be in a very good position to play Jafar and the Red Queen against each other.

Meanwhile, the Red Queen has been making plans of her own, protecting herself against the dark magic that Jafar is so willing to demonstrate. The quest for the magic dust was very clever and the best thing about the episode, the riddle and the attempted crossing of the ravine was well done as well as the little Alice testing to see if Alice truly was pure of heart. Something did occur to me when I was watching this episode, we still don’t really know what the Red Queen truly wants.  She must know what the power of the three genies can accomplish but what would overturning the rules of magic do for her?  Maybe she wants to have Will by her side again?  Or is it to exact revenge on her Mother?  I would love to hear your theories in the comments below. One thing we do know for sure is that neither of Alice Alicethem see the other as a true partner.

“He’s simply a means to an end darling”

Cyrus is back in the game… You can be forgiven for assuming that Cyrus was the helpless ‘damsel in distress’ of this fairytale, given that he has spent the majority of the series in a cage that prevents him from using his power.  This idea has been completely subverted by his timely and spectacular escape.  He has proven to be just as determined and driven as the other characters, taking his freedom into his own hands rather than awaiting a heroic rescue.  We saw his hear in the offer of taking the other prisoner along with him but I was glad he was left behind since we don’t really know anything about him and he could have been placed there by Jafar to gain more information.  I had to wonder though, if the silver cage was the only think preventing Cyrus from using his powers, why didn’t he use them once he was out?


All in all, this episode wasn’t as exciting as the rest have been.  There was plenty of new information and intrigue but it felt like they were just filling in the gaps, hopefully for a more exciting episode on Thursday.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic to get more of the Will and Anastasia story and I have had a lot of fun guessing what happens next.  Please leave your thoughts in the comments box.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×06 “Who’s Alice” airs Thursday, NOV 21 at 9|8c on ABC