Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×06 “Who’s Alice?”


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1x02

Alice’s Past Revealed

Alice’s journey to be reunited with Cyrus takes us further into Wonderland, through the quite literally black forest and into the deceptive Boro Grove.  The Red Queen is the first to discover that Cyrus has escaped and is much more successful at tracking him down than Jafar’s guards.  Jafar himself has hijacked the White Rabbit and forced him to take them to Victorian London to learn more about Alice.  The flashbacks of this episode show us just how Alice ended up in that asylum, and it isn’t what you would think.

Alice out of Wonderland… After Alice thought she witnessed the death of Cyrus, she returned through the rabbit hole to her home in Victorian London.  She soon discovers that her father has remarried and has another daughter.  His new wife Sarah (evil stepmother) agrees to accept Alice as a part of the family under the proviso that Alice is to move on from Wonderland and to never mention it to Millie, their daughter.  Her family won’t even entertain the idea that she is telling the truth and without leaving her any time to grieve, they are straight onto her ‘social responsibilities’.  enter literary dreamboat Mr. Darcy who is rapidly discarded by Alice, barely given a thought before she storms out.  Her father follows after her and gives her an ultimatum, let go of Wonderland or go to the asylum.  I loved that time has passed while Alice was in Wonderland and that she gets back to the added complication of everything being different.  Other things that really struck me was how the choices Alice had to make were nicely paralleled in the episode, both her father and Will desperate for her to make a decision.  Also, the way the writers seamlessly weave other fictional worlds into the story.  The episode closed with a clashing of the worlds as Jafar knocked on the door of Alice’s childhood home, Alice’s father may not have believed her before but he certainly will after he meets Jafar.

Alice Father

“Sometimes the maddest stories are the truest ones”

Worlds collide… Jafar has crossed worlds once again, this time venturing into Victorian London to gather more information on Alice.  He seemed a lot less devious this time around, maybe it is because we now know what he is after and what he is capable of so by comparison, gathering information seems pretty tame.  What we don’t know is what will happen next, I will definitely feel vindicated if Jafar takes Alice’s father into Wonderland just so he can see that she was right and how awful he has been to her.

So close and yet so far… The gap between Cyrus and Alice is slowly closing, Cyrus has escaped and is heading towards Alice who is still coming for him.  However, the Red Queen hopes to catch up with him before Jafar’s guards do so she can possess both the genie and his bottle and ‘win the game’.  The magic she uses to track him is very cool and sadly, as clever as Cyrus was in evading the guards, the Red Queen still catches up with him but not for long.

“He carries with him the greatest power of all, true love”


Meanwhile, Alice is following the sun west to where she can see Jafar’s castle, bravely fighting off two thugs and venturing through the black forest only to be caught in the Bore Grove, a magical place that melts your troubles away but beware it makes you want to stay.  Good thing Will turned up when he did or Alice would have blissfully turned into a tree.  This scenario was very well written as it actually had me wondering how they were going to get out of this one.  At first I wondered why Will seemed to be unaffected by the dangerous trees but it became clear as he revealed that he never replaced his heart when Alice helped him reclaim it.  Fearing the pain it would bring, he left it somewhere that no one could hurt him again, sadly this means that even though Anastasia still loves him, he cannot feel the same way.  This is the second time that this heart has come up so I’m sure they’ll go back to it later, there may be hope for our will yet.

Well after the slight slump of last week, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland certainly has bounced back to give us an exciting episode once again.  No matter how corny the love story, I am beginning to care that Alice and Cyrus are reunited and that there can be some sort of order restored to Wonderland.  Bring on the next episode!

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Episode 1×06 “Bad Blood” airs Thursday, DEC 5 at 9|8c on ABC