The Vampire Diaries 5×06 – “Handle with Care” Review



Damon, It’s Time to Learn How to Spell Doppelganger

Yes, Damon after the first six episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 5, it’s about time you learn how to spell doppelganger. The doppelganger drama continues this week on TVD. The plan was to bring Bonnie back from the dead, but found another blast from the past. And we saw an unlikely alliance formed at Whitmore College in an attempt to figure out the mystery surrounding the campus. “Handle with Care” was another great episode that keep viewers interested and had some pretty terrific one liners,

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 It’s going to be a good day…..

The episode begins with a very alive Katherine at a diner contemplating her new found freedom. The waitress brings over her food or most of the menu and compliments on her hair. Confused, Katherine checks out her reflection in a napkin holder and finds a mysterious gray streak in her hair. THE Vampire Diaries 5X06 Silas TemperAt the Salvatore house, Damon and Elena are relaxing on the couch, by the fire, enjoying the peace and quiet talking about having a good day. Today they plan to bring Bonnie back to life..Silas barges in the front door all friendly and ready to bring Bonnie back. Elena and Jeremy aren’t really buying the whole ‘Sure, when I die I will gladly bring back your friend.’ deal and question his motives. Feeling a little ganged up on, he threatens craziness, so they just decide to go along with his plan.

“Man, I really love being a witch again. I feel like I’m constantly reinventing myself. I’m like a supernatural Madonna.” Silas.

Silas explains they first must find the anchor and destroy it so when he dies he can be with Amara.  And according to Silas, its in New Jersey so they must go there to find it. He decides it’s a men’s only trip and insists Elena stay behind. This whole scene was hilarious. I loved all the one liners from Silas and Damon. A Cabin in the Woods In Tessa’s cabin somewhere in the woods, Stefan wakes up on the couch confused. She explains they had drinks and bonded over each other’s misery. She then informs him she saw one of his texts and Silas had taken the cure, so she’s going to kill him today. Tessa explains the whole anchor situation and tells Stefan to relax because she has everything covered. Then she goes to leave, but discovers she can’t because Silas did a spell trapping them inside until sundown. A frustrated Elena calls Stefan, but instead Tessa picks up. She instantly demands to know why she has his phone and asks for Stefan. Tessa totally misleads Elena about the situation and tells her he is in the shower. Elena then calls Damon, who is in the car with Silas and Jeremy, and tells him his brother is with Tessa. She asks if he knows anything about it. Silas being a dick, brings up why Stefan might be upset with Damon and he is forced to tell Elena about snapping Stefan’s neck so Silas could get into Tessa’s head. Elena then says she’s going to Tessa’s check on him, The car ride with Damon, Jeremy and Silas was just great. I think Paul is hilarious as Silas and the character is really starting to grow on me.

Old Habits Die Hard

At Whitmore College, a freshly showered Katherine, hair dye box in hand, walks into Caroline and Elena’s dorm room. Later, Caroline returns and continues packing. She isn’t fooled too long and demands to know why Katherine is there. She explains she needs a place crash, but Caroline tells her that she and Elena are moving out and informs Katherine all about Dr. Maxfield. Katherine offers to help Caroline with their professor drama in exchange for a place to stay and Elena’s meal card. Caroline agrees and the pair head over to Dr. Maxfield’s lab.

“You’re scared of a teacher? Aww honey, you really need to take a crash course on Villain 101. Lucky for you I have an honorary doctorate. What do you say roomie?” – Katherine.

The girls find Dr. Maxfield busy in his lab. Caroline distracts him while Katherine injects him with something to sedate him. They tie him to a chair to drain him of the vervain from his system. Katherine, who Dr. Maxfield believe is Elena, threatens violence to get some answers why they have to move out. They discover there is a secret society that suspects their vampires and all they need to do is convince them Elena Gilbert isn’t a vampire. Coincidentally the society is having a gathering and no vampires would be able to enter so Elena attending would deny their suspicions, Seeing Katherine and Caroline team up was great. It was nice to see Caroline having a little fun again. Vampire diaries 5x06 societyKatherine, pretending to be Elena, heads to the ‘Whitmore party.’ She enters without any trouble and heads straight for the food table where see runs into Aaron. She questions him about the secret society, but he is clueless and just as Katherine is about to say something more, she realizes her tooth fell out and leaves. Back at the lab, the vervain is out of Dr. Maxfield’s system and now Caroline can compel him for answers. She discovers there is a secret society on campus called Augustine and it’s members are chosen based on their talents. They also have their own vampire called the Augustine vampire. It  killed Elena and Caroline’s roomie. As she asks who it is,  there’s a knock at the door. Caroline quickly compels him to forget her and Elena are vampires, anything that happened that day and disappears.  Dr. Maxfield is visited later by Katherine. She informs him of who she is, shows him her tooth. She threatens to share his secrets all over campus if he doesn’t help her because she thinks she dying. I am really intrigued by the new mystery surrounding the after effects of being cured.

One smart bitch, I mean witch

As the guys arrive to a warehouse in New Jersey, Elena drops by the cabin to check on Stefan. She goes inside, demands to know why Stefan is there and sleeping with Tessa. He assures her he is not and Elena goes to leave, but she can’t because she is trapped now too. Tessa calls Damon, who is in the warehouse with Silas and Jeremy breaking open crates, and insists he kill Silas or she will kill Elena. Damon takes Jeremy outside to tell him about Tessa’s threats and the plan to bring Bonnie back is off. They need to kill Silas. Jeremy stays to talk to Bonnie who assures him that it is okay. She wouldn’t want to put anyone’s life in danger to bring her back. The scene between Jeremy and Bonnie was heart-breaking. Kat does a great job. Damon heads back into the warehouse and is met by two travelers. They deactivate his daylight ring and tell him they don’t want Silas dead. Damon being Damon kills them both and continues his search for Silas and the anchor. He gets a call from Tessa at the cabin who is just reminding him that sundown is quickly approaching and wants to know why he hasn’t killed Silas yet. She clues him into what or who is the anchor.. While Tessa is talking to Damon, Stefan is cooking and a sad Elena is sulking at the table. Stefan whispers for her not worry, he’s got this. And when Tessa returns from her chat with Damon, Stefan stabs her and he and Elena run out of the cabin because it’s sundown and the spell is broken, It was nice seeing Stefan acting his usual self and looking out for Elena, being part of the plan or task,

Anchors Away

At the warehouse, Silas found the anchor and to his surprise its what he has wanted all along, Amara. She is desiccated so he finds one of the dead travelers and gives her blood bringing her back to life. They are finally reunited.  Silas is confused. He thought Tessa had killed her so Amara explains that there was only one cure and Tessa wanted it for him. Silas explains he took the cure. They hug and Amara stabs him with a nearby glass shard and feeds on his blood. She doesn’t want to live another day. She is wondering aimlessly fighting the voices in head when she stumbles upon a mystified Damon. Nina did a great job playing three characters this episode and making them all different. Vampire Diaries 5x06 crayBack at the Salvatore house, Damon and Jeremy are drowning their sorrows with a bourbon and Stefan and Elena walk in. Elena thanks him for trusting his instincts and looking out for her and joins Damon and Jeremy in the living room and Bonnie joins. She tells them not to worry and Elena says they’re not giving up. Damon then updates Elena about New Jersey and shows her Amara. He says they must protect her if they have any chance at Silas bringing Bonnie back when he dies. Meanwhile, Stefan finds an injured Tessa in his room. He offers to heal her, but she declines saying pain is just motivation. She confesses she made a mistake taking away his pain when she rescued him and restores his memory, all of it.  As much as I should completely hate Tessa, I feel the show was due to have another truly evil villain.

“You used to have a lot of pain. Remember? You killed your own father. And then forced your brother to become a vampire. And that was just the start of your reign of terror. You hated yourself for a century, but then you found her, it didn’t last long did it?….But the ending’s the best part.” -Tessa