The Vampire Diaries 5×08 “Dead Man on Campus” Review



A College Party Gone Wrong

This week’s episode of The Vampire Dairies revealed a details surrounding the secret society at Whitmore College. Caroline and Elena had a dorm party in celebration of Bonnie’s return to the living while Damon played doctor with Dr. Wes. In Mystic Falls, Stefan and Katherine took turns playing therapist for each other. And like any episode that includes a party or any type of social gathering, someone dies. Shocker.

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Three’s Company

The episode begins with Dr. Wes Maxfield in his laboratory at Whitmore College.conducting tests on newly turned vampire, Jesse.  He injects him with the next step in the process. Surprisingly Jesse wakes up, breaks his restraints feeds on Dr. Wes and escapes Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Across campus, Bonnie settles into her dorm and makes a video for her Mom. Caroline and Elena return from shopping with a lot of booze and fill Bonnie in on their plans. They insist Bonnie’s return calls for celebration and plan to throw a massive party. Bonnie gets a message on her phone and claims she has to go ‘register for classes.’ I think it was funny Bonnie poked fun at the size and amenities of their dorm room.

“Oh Shoot. Uh, I have to go register for classes.” Bonnie.

Bonnie meets Jeremy outside the dorms. They chat and make out on a bench until Bonnie notices a little old lady out of place across the grass, She realizes the lady doesn’t belong, kisses Jeremy and claims she needs to get to class. She rushes out of sight, but encounters the old lady and she grabs her. Bonnie screams in pain as she passes on to ‘the other side.’  It was hilarious Bonnie used ‘registering for classes’ as an excuse to make out with Jeremy.

Vampire 101

vampire diaries 5x08 Who the hellElena walks through campus handing out flyers for their party as she talks to Damon on the phone. She fills him in on the evening’s event and runs into Aaron. Putting her conversation on hold, she invites Aaron to the party, but accidentally reveals how she knows so much about him so she quickly compels him to forget and also to come to the party. Damon, still on the other end of the phone, teases her about her slip up and questions Elena about her new friend. She reassures him he has nothing to worry about and suggests he invite Stefan too.  Damon tells him about the bash, but he doesn’t respond. Stefan just sits traumatized by flashbacks with his fingernails digging into the chair. Damon is  finally able to get through and Stefan says no thanks to the party invite.

On campus as Elena and Caroline set up for the party Caroline gets a call from Jesse begging her to come to his dorm to help him. She gets to his dorm room just in time to save him from killing his roommate, Aaron. Shocked, Caroline demands to know who turned him. He tells her the whole story of Dr. Wes and his vampire experiments. Then Elena shows up with a stash of blood and promises to help him adjust to his new vampire lifestyle. The first thing they teach him is the ability to heal and have him heal Aaron. I think it was cute that Elena and Caroline are the Whitmorre College welcome wagon.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

At The Grill, Katherine sits at the bar, cut off, begging Matt for a drink, nit he isn’t buying her pleas. He just watches a video on his phone, but she gains his attention asking if he’s watching a Czech reality show. They agree on a deal. She translates for more to drink. He was watching his mystery passenger on the cameras he put up around his house. Katherine educates him on Travelers and explains how they like to use spirit possession. They then realize Nadia as a common thread between them.

Katherine then steals a bottle of booze and heads over to Stefan, drinking alone at a nearby table. She convinces him to have a pity drink with her and he fills her in on his flashbacks. Katherine offers her help, but he declines. Instead, he agrees to help her with a favor. And then, Nadia approaches and Katherine reluctantly introduces her as her daughter. Katherine’s embarrassment about aging is too funny. She is such a drama queen.

Dorm Party

On campus Bonnie and Jesse chat at the party and she tells him about her mom’s transition. Across the room Elena and Caroline discuss Jesse’s progress at the snack table and Caroline reminds Elena of her disapproval of Damon. On his way to the party, Damon stops by Dr. Wes’ lab for some answers. He resorts to his usual methods, torture, for information. He ties Dr. Wes up and injects him with infectious diseases for answers. I believe Dr. Damon needs to work on his bedside manner just a little.

Meanwhile, Bonnie sees the little, old lady at the party and goes to talk to her for a while. Jeremy finds her and they leave to ‘register for classes.’ Caroline and Jesse share a dance and a steamy kiss on the dance floor. Jesse gets a little rough and bites her lip a little too hard, drawing blood. He notices his face starts to change in hunger and runs off. Across the party Elena greets Aaron with jello shot and he shows no signs of the attack earlier. They sit on the step and swap stories of their parents’ deaths. Elena finds out Dr. Wes is his legal guardian and only family he has left. Concerned, Elena uses more jello shots as an excuse to call Damon to make sure he doesn’t kill Dr, Wes. It was nice seeing the exchange between Bonnie and the little, old lady and Bonnie helping those as they transition to ‘the other side.’

Suck it up!

At The Grill, in the stockroom, Stefan, Katherine and Nadia help Matt with his passenger. Matt brings the mysterious blade and Nadia summons the passenger, her boyfriend, Gregor. Katherine insists why he’s in Mystic Falls and mentions knowing his great great grandfather. Gregor reveals he was sent by the Travelers to kill Silas, but  finds out Silas is dead and reveals he must then kill Katherine. Katherine takes the blade, stabs Matt says Matt will be fine, but Gregor won’t. She killed him and that blade is the only weapon able to truly kill a passenger. Oh me, oh my! Matt’s accent is so sexy too bad Katherine had to kill Gregor and no more accent.

They all return to whatever they were doing. Stefan begins to having flashbacks of being trapped in the safe again, so he heads outside. Katherine follows to make sure he’s alright and tries to get him to relax, but he grabs her by throat. She asks him to list  his victims to help him regain control and he does. Then Nadia comes outside upset at her mother for killing her boyfriend. Katherine insists she deserves better, but Nadia isn’t buying it. I actually felt bad for Katherine when Nadia told her to rot in hell. Katherine just isn’t having any luck lately.

Vampire Diaries 5x08 Kath Suicide

Later, Stefan is paying his tab and finds a note from Katherine to Nadia. He reads her note claiming she’s could run, but she can’t escape time. As he reads it, Katherine is standing atop the clock tower preparing to jump.



“So call it pride or vanity, but after the life that I’ve lead, I refuse to drift off into the sunset. Goodbye, Nadia.” – Katherine.

She jumps to her surprise lands in Stefan’s arms. He demands to know what prompted her suicide attempt, so she confesses she’s dying. His response is absolutley hilarious and he just tells her, “You’re Katherine Pierce, suck it up.”

Welcome Back

Damon;s  integration informs him of the experiments on vampires. Dr, Wes claims there is a greater good and reveals Jesse’s food of choice is vampire blood. Damon relays this to Elena and also promises not to kill Dr. Wes. Then just as Damon is healing him, Jesse rushes in demanding answers, but sees Damon’s blood and attacks him. The struggle between Jesse and Damon moves into the hall. When Elena arrives, she attempts to convince Jesse to stop, but he keeps feeding, over powering Damon, so Elena stakes him just as Caroline comes along and witnesses. Caroline is devastated and claims the ‘old Elena’ would’ve given Jesse a chance.I think it was ridiculous for Caroline to say something like that to her friend. I feel she has become way too judgmental. Hello! She killed an entire coven of innocent witches!

Elsewhere, Bonnie and Jeremy are ‘registering for classes’ and are interrupted by Jesse, transitioning to ‘the other side.’ Bonnie helps him and screams in pain as Jesse passes to ‘the other side.’ Jeremy asks what happened and Bonnie confesses being the anchor, she feels every supernatural death.

“I’m back here, touching you. We knew there’d be consequences. Just kiss me. Kiss me. You …and me. This, this is worth it. Any consequence is worth this.” – Bonnie.

Vampire Diaries 5x08 DS 53Caroline and Elena clean up and Caroline apologizes for being so hard on Elena about Jesse. Then she goes back to the dangers of Elena being with Damon and says the day she stops warning her is the day they’re not friends anymore. Meanwhile, back in Dr. Wes’ lab, Damon cleans up and questions him about a label on a blood bag, but Dr. Wes is using a scalpel to free himself. Damon reveals he used to be an Augustine vampire and decides Dr. Wes needs snuffed out, but as soon as Damon approaches, Dr. Wes runs, pushes the labs emergency button releasing vervain and says Augustine would love have him back. The episode ends with Damon trapped in a cell with the initials ‘D.S.’ and 53 carved in the wall. Wow, I would have never guessed Damon was a part of the freaky vampire experiment society. Poor Damon.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 5×09 “The Cell” airs Thursday, December 5, 2013 on The CW