The Vampire Diaries Episode 5×02 “True Lies” Review


The Vampire Diaries Episode 5×02 -ReviewHonesty Really is the Best Policy

In this week’s episode of  The Vampire Diaries episode 5×02 titled “True Lies” our beloved supernaturals and a human or so continued to feel the reach of the evil immortal Silas. This week’s episode was amazing. Taking the supernatural drama back to the very core that makes TVD so great, It was filled with suspense, drama, action, romance and even comedy. It really had something for everyone.  Taking it’s viewers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, it was filled with twists and turns.

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The Silas Files.

The episode began with a heartbreaking conversation between Bonnie and Jeremy. She tells him about Silas’ acts at the town BBQ and how he killed her Dad. Overwhelmed with grief. Bonnie is quick to point out he’s not on ‘the other side’ with her, he’s just dead. And no matter what Silas cannot get what he wants, Katherine. Meanwhile, Elena and Caroline are packing up Megan’s belongings and discussing why her death is being covered up. Or why she would have ‘protein water’ and picture with Elena’s Dad on her phone.

A Life On the Run

TVD 5.02 kathmoonstoneMeanwhile, Matt is out searching for Katherine and finds her out and about in Mystic Falls. He and Jeremy tie her up and plan to take her away from Mystic Falls.  They stop to fill up and a stubborn Katherine tries to make a run for it, but not before she’s spotted by the gas station attendant who happens to have Silas on speed dial.

“I’ve done this a thousand times. I get it. I’m the leverage. I’m that thing that everybody wants. I’m the freaking Moonstone!”- Katherine.

When Silas gets the text on Katherine’s whereabouts, he is at Whitmore College talking to Elena, who she still thinks he is Stefan, in on all the drama back home. Elena oblivious what is going on gives Silas the very location of where Jeremy, Matt and Katherine might be heading. Personally, I think it it hilarious watching Katherine Pierce as a human. I think it is great seeing her over-react to every little ache and pain. Love it!

Elena’s Red Room of Pain.

Caroline and Elena head to the annual Whitmore bonfire and encounter the handsome flyer guy, Jesse again. He helps Elena with the keg and they chat about mysterious professor, Dr. Maxfield, as they gather wood for the fire nearby. Damon who rushed to Whitmore when he heard ‘Stefan’ was on campus, interrupts and knocks Jesse out. He and Elena head back to her dorm room and she instantly begins to making out with him. Being very 50 shades, Elena ties him to a TVD 5.02 delenachair and rips off his shirt. She forces him to drink ‘protein water,’ and gets ready to stake him, but not before he spits out the water laced with vervain at her.  They realize Silas has compelled her to kill Damon so she stabs herself to the chair prohibiting her to try to kill him anymore. Damon and Elena talk. He fills her in on all the drama in Mystic Falls and they agree to find Stefan together.

“I LOVE YOU. We’re gonna save Stefan, and I’m still gonna love you. Okay?” –Elena.

The Camp Gilbert Diaries

At camp Gilbert, Katherine is still pouting about being sick. Jeremy tends the fire while Matt goes in search of more wood and encounters Silas, thanks to Elena’s tip. Silas frustrated about not being able to read Matt’s mind because of the mysterious Nadia and her friend, kills Matt, but thank goodness he’s wearing the Gilbert ring. Matt waits on ‘the other side’ while he waits to come back to life. There he finds Bonnie and is shocked realizing  she must be dead too. The two share a heartbreaking conversation about hers and her Dad’s death. Matt insists Bonnie must come clean and tell everyone she’s dead, but she’s just not ready yet. Watching Bonnie stuffer on ‘the other side’ alone is heart-wrenching. Some how, some way they need to find a way to bring her back to life, like now.

TVD 5.02 i work outWhile Matt and Bonnie are on ‘the other side,’ Jeremy discovers Matt’s body and Silas. Not intimidated, Jeremy stands up to Silas and the two fight.

“I, on the other hand, am a hunter. Plus, I work out.” -Jeremy.

Jeremy about to be killed by Silas, when Katherine appears and kills Silas with a shotgun, sparing Jeremy. The two head for the car and after a while Matt comes back to life and they all safely head to their next destination. It is great that Little Gilbert is now holding his own and not taking shit from anyone, vampire, supernatural, whatever. He’s badass and so is Matt Donovan! It is about time they got in on the action.

A new ally and an unexpected safety deposit.

Silas comes back to life, because, he’s immortal….remember? He heads to the same gas station Jeremy, Matt and Katherine stopped at before to get something to drink and giving a whole new meaning to fill’er up.  He is interrupted by what he refers to as ‘travelers.’ Nadia kills her friend and makes a potential ally in Silas. As all this is happening, Sheriff Forbes has found the safe in the quarry and wait for Damon and Elena before opening it. However, they open the safe to find…Stefan is not there. Instead they found a dead body, cause of dealt –vampire, a very hungry Stefan. I am sure I am not the only one whose over-joyed that Stefan is free from that awful safe. And the fact that the ripper is back, makes me sad just for an instant that Klaus went off and got his own show because he’d be ecstatic to be reunited with his old friend. I can’t wait to see what next week’s episode brings.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 5×03 “Original Sin” airs Thursday, October 17, 2013 on The CW