The Vampire Diaries Mid-Season Finale 5×10 – “Fifty Shades of Grayson” Review


The-Vampire-Diaries-ReviewDoppelganger Heart Break & Heartache

The Mid-Season finale of The Vampire Diaries, “Fifty Shades of Grayson” was a definitely a game changer. The episode had everything TVD fans have come to expect from the supernatural drama. There was a little something for everyone; suspense, drama, sorrow, heart break and even a little humor. And in true TVD style we were left with the relationships in pieces, a huge cliffhanger and an unbearable hiatus until the next new episode.

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The Walk of Shame

The episode opens with Damon punching the wall in his cell at the Whitmore House. He continues until a piece of the wall breaks free. Then he reaches through the bars of his cell to get a bullet Aaron had dropped the day before. He puts the bullet in the cell’s keyhole, hits it with the rock causes an explosion that breaks the lock and frees him. It was a pretty genius way for Damon to break free and then be able to initiate the search for Elena.

TVD 5X10.WTH KathMeanwhile at the Salvatore house, Katherine wakes up elated she’s in bed next to Stefan. She leans over to wake him, but stops because she sees some of her hair has fallen out. She grabs the cover, throws it around her waking up Stefan. She covers her head and runs for the door, but runs into the wall on her way. This scene was hilarious! Nina is so good as a human Katherine.

“Why? What were you thinking? That our hot, naked bodies collided in one unforgettable night of passion?” – Katherine.

Katherine heads out then downstairs and runs into Damon as he returns. He’s looking for Elena. Katherine, never one to miss an opportunity to get her digs in, answers for herself and Stefan to let Damon know they were together all night, yes, together. Grossed out at the thought Damon ignore her and calls for his brother..He finds Stefan getting dressed in his room. and fills him in on Elena disappearance insisting for him to help find her. The exchanges between Katherine and Damon are great. I just love them.

TVD 5X10 promoThe Nutty Professor

Elena wakes up and realizes she is in a familiar place, As she looks over to the stairs she envisions a ball bouncing down the stairs, but quickly brought back to the present by the sound of Wes’ voice. She sees all the medical equipment and notices she’s strapped to a medical bed so questions him about what’s going on, but he just goes about his work and puts her under again.

She re-awakens, struggles to get free and continues questioning Wes. He just proceeds with his experiment, but does make sure to remind her of Damon’s transgressions, killing Aaron’s family. Elena demands to know how it’s any different than what Augustine does, holding vampires against their will and experimenting on them. Wes justifies it as science and reads a passage of a journal that he informs her the findings from Dr. Grayson Gilbert, her father. Then it hits her and she figures out they’re in the basement of her father’s clinic. It was interesting that they brought back her Dad’s clinic all burned from Uncle John’s fire.

Damon and Stefan find Aaron in the dorms at Whitmore College. They approach him demanding to know where Wes might have Elena. He’s clueless. They threaten Aaron, so he calls Wes, catching him just as he is leaving the clinic. Aaron tells Wes about Damon and Stefan’s threats and Wes tells Aaron to meet him at his classroom. Wes runs back into the clinic and goes over to wake up Enzo. He injects him with what he calls an insurance policy guaranteeing his return. Wes tell him he’s giving him the day off because he and Damon have some catching up. Wes really is like a mad scientist, He is obsessed with his work and go to great lengths for science.

A New Woman?

In Mystic Falls, Katherine has enlisted Matt as her personal trainer and she is working out in the woods. She isn’t happy with her progress and criticizes Matt’s methods. She is unable to hear his reply and panics thinking she’s going deaf now too. Then Nadia then joins them. She slaps Katherine for not saying goodbye to her before she tried to commit suicide. Katherine and Nadia goes back to the Salvatore house. Katherine brings up the topic of forgiveness and Nadia reveals that is why she is here. She has a plan to prolong her life. She suggests since Katherine’s family is part Traveler, they put her essence in someone else’s body..Katherine is hesitant because she is fond of her body, especially since she and Stefan reconnected. I feel so bad for Nadia she just wants to know her mother, but Katherine is too selfish to see it.

Hello, Mate!

As Damon, Stefan and Aaron walk across campus to Wes’ classroom, Damon brings Stefan up to speed on the whole secret, vampire torture society. White in the lab, Wes is still running tests on Elena as she questions him about her Dad. She remembers being there as a kid and it creeped her out. When she asks about Enzo, Wes confessed that he went on a little day trip because he had unresolved business with Damon.

The guys arrive to Wes’ classroom and find he isn’t there. Enzo is there instead. Damon seems surprised to see him considering he left him to burn in a fire. Damon isn’t phased by Enzo’s reappearance, but Aaron and Stefan are lost so Enzo begins to tell his story. Stefan leaves and calls Wes with Aaron’s phone. Stefan threatens Aaron’s life, so Wes threatens Elena’s. Stefan returns to the classroom interrupting Enzo’s story which upsets him and starts throwing things demanding to finish his story, He does and then Aaron and Stefan leave to go find Elena, while Enzo insists Damon stay with him. I am glad they had Enzo retell the escape story so we know how he is still alive.

Enzo confesses he’s slowly desiccating and must return to Wes for the antidote. Damon still concerned with finding Elena suggests they team up to find Wes. They shake in agreement, but Enzo throws Damon out the window and says he must kill Damon before he can return. Enzo follows him outside and attempts to fight Damon, but Damon refuses to fight back even at Enzo’s taunts. Enzo grabs Damon by the throat, but completely desiccates before he’s able to tell Damon where Wes has Elena. I like the dynamic between Enzo and Damon. Enzo has a Klaus-like demeanor to him,

Aaron and Stefan go to Aaron’s room to get his family’s history, but instead he pulls a gun on Stefan, who just takes it, Aaron begs Stefan to kill him because he doesn’t want to give Damon the satisfaction. He explains how Damon has been planning his death for years and tells Stefan the rest of Damon’s past with Augustine. Stefan says he not like his brother and then Aaron gives him everything Wes gave him on his family. I love Stefan, but he is such a jerk towards his brother sometimes. He’s his family.

Monsters Inc.

Elena has another flashback of when she was a little girl coming down into the basement of her Dad’s clinic. She hears rattling and screaming, but her Dad catches her before she can see anything, Elena awakens to Wes working around her and asks what he’s doing. He tells her so far everything is working and his plan is to make her crave vampire blood instead of human blood like Jesse. Elena is horrified. She doesn’t want to be turned into a ‘ripper,’ but just as he begins to inject the serum, Stefan shows up. Elena headbutts Wes. Stefan unstraps her from the table and helps her escape. Aaron later finds Wes unconscious on the floor. He wakes him up long enough to punch him, say he never wants to see him again, take the syringe and leave. Oh, I wonder what or who he plans on using that syringe on. My bet is it’s not Elena.

As Matt finishes up at The Grill, he heads outside to the patio where he finds Nadia waiting for him. She asks him if he would hold onto the Traveler’s blade in case Katherine changes her mind about putting her essence in someone else. They chat about frustrating parents and Matt agrees to keep the blade for her.

TVD 5X10 Enoz MonsterOn campus, Enzo comes back to life to find himself in Wes’ lab. Damon reveals he brought him there and injected him with vials labeled antidote. Enzo questions if he’s trying to make amends and Damon confesses he didn’t think twice about leaving his friend behind because he had turned his emotions off. Enzo shares that Damon was the most important in his life, he ruined him and now he will always be a monster.

“You were the most important person in my life and you ruined me. But, that’s just who you are. That’s who you’ll always be — a monster.” – Enzo.

Heartbreak Hotel

Damon arrives back home to find Elena reading her Dad’s medical journal. She sees her Dad’s research as good and just, but Damon, had been a part of Augustine for five years sees it only as torture. She explains she has to defend her Dad because he’s her Dad. Damon convinced he is bad for her says he is choosing to let her go. He breaks her heart and leaves her in tears. This scene broke my heart. He went through all the trouble winning her over and just gives up.

“Stop defending me! I won’t change who I am. I can’t. But I refuse to change you.” – Damon.

TVD 510 heartUpstairs Stefan finds Katherine in his room waiting to talk to him about the night they spent together. He admits they had a moment, but one night isn’t going to erase 147 years. Katherine confesses she is dying for real and goes to leave, but he grabs her arm, holds her hand and tells her he’s sorry she’s dying. Katherine then decides to call Nadia to tell her she changed her mind about living on in another body. Bags packed, on the phone, coming down the steps at the Salvatore house, Katherine drops her bag, grabs her chest, looks at her left arm and falls to the ground. I cannot believe the last scene before a six week hiatus is the indestructible Katherine Pierce having a heart attack! Brutal.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 5×11 “500 Years of Solitude” airs Thursday, January 23, 2013 on The CW