The Walking Dead Episode 4×05 Review – “Internment”


The-Walking-Dead-ReviewThe Governor Shall Rise Again?

This week’s installment of AMC’s The Walking Dead was filled with more of season 4’s viral zombies as the mutated flu claimed more victims. Hershel held the group together and saved as many lives as he could, while Rick tried to keep back the zombie hoard along the fences and bonded with his son Carl. Only a Maggie, Hershel, and Carl know what happened with Carol, but Daryl is soon to find out. Telling Daryl that Carol isn’t coming back is the least of Rick’s worries. The fences have collapsed, and an unseen Governor lurks in the woods nearby, biding time ’til he enacts his revenge.

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“If she saw me, you couldn’t keep her out.” Hershel was fantastic this week as the prison doctor/zombie slayer. The mutated flu continued to sweep through the prison, and while Dr. Caleb succumbed to the infection, the greater threat came when other turned prisoners began to attack the infected inside the cellblock. Things looked pretty bleak for our survivors this week. Glenn looked like he was the virus’ next victim, and the sick only had one-legged Hershel as protection. What was great about these scenes was how tense they were as it appeared several time like no one inside would make it out alive. They also were great as we were reminded just how much of a badass Hershel can really be. It’s been a while since he’s been in kill mode, and his optimistic viewpoint under the dire circumstance makes it easy to forget that Hershel can hold his own when his back is up against the wall.


“It’s like turning off a light. It’ll happen one after the other.” Hershel wasn’t alone in the battle to save the prison. Once Maggie heard a gunshot, she raced inside to give her father a hand. Lauren Cohan has basically been wringing her hands over Glenn’s illness and her father’s decision to lock himself inside with the infected. This week, Maggie got to kick some ass as she broke inside the locked cellblock. Glenn had narrowly escaped becoming zombie chow, and now was spewing his own blood. Once Maggie was inside, she was able to take out Walkers her father missed, and save him from one choking on the incubation tube Hershel needed to use in order to save Glenn from asphyxiating on his own blood. Despite all of the zombie snacking and kills this week, I have to say the grossest part of the episode for me came when Hershel pulled the tube from the zombie’s mouth, and stuffed the blood covered, goo riddled tube into Glenn’s windpipe. I know everyone is already infected with the virus, but adding that gook inside Glenn can’t be all that helpful. As for the creepiest moment? That would be when Lizzie used her shoe to paint pictures on the floor in Glenn’s blood. Something is very wrong with that child, and I have a feeling she may end up getting them killed.

“Life was always a test, Rick.” All of the action this week wasn’t going on inside the prison, though. As Hershel and Maggie were staving off the infected from chowing down on the survivors, Rick and Carl were attempting to fortify the fence. After week’s of the creatures trying to push their way inside the gates, the Zombies finally got their way as they managed to knock down the fence and swarm the yard. One of the coolest scenes this episode was watching Rick and Carl fight side-by-side, spraying bullets, and taking out the zombies once and for all. Rick has tried his best to hold on to Carl’s innocence, but as he watched his son command his own machine gun, you could see in Rick’s eyes the realization that those days are long gone. No matter his age, Carl is no longer a boy, but has now become his own man. A man bred for their new world.The-Walking-Dead-405-internment-03

“It’s not going to be like it was, is it?” Michonne and the gang finally returned to the fold by the end of the episode. Now Rick has to face the music and confess to Daryl what happened with Carol. Rick believed he was doing the right thing. Carol had crossed a line that there was no coming back from, and by setting her loose, he saved her from getting killed by Tyreese. Maggie and Hershel may understand Rick’s motives, but the question remains whether or not Daryl will be as well. Hershel has done all he can, and now that Bob has brought the much-needed medicines, Hershel was able to properly treated the infected. With his job done, Hershel decided to scout for the Governor with Michonne. Not sure that this is the best way to relax, but I do understand his need to get away from that place. While the gang tries to return to some sort of normalcy, The Governor watches them from the trees.

“Internment” was another action-packed episode that continued to decimate the survivor population. It’s been a while since the gang lost a core member of their group, so I totally expected Glenn to go into the light this week. While I’m so happy he didn’t, the Governor’s presence raises the threat level exponentially. We still don’t know who was feeding the rats, and now that the Governor has been revealed, it appears he could be the culprit. What better way to take out your enemies than to lead hoards of zombies to their location? That’s a good theory, but I’m still subscribing to Bob as being the culprit. He’s proven to be a wildcard, and his story of outliving 2 groups puts me on guard. He’s not that handy in the thick of it as we have seen, so I don’t understand how he managed to survive this long. Besides, it doesn’t appear that anyone’s been feeding them since Bob has been gone. Lizzie is also another loose cannon the group needs to keep an eye on. It’s evident she still sees the Walkers as people, and I still believe that could end up getting folks killed.

What do you think about the Governor’s return? Who do you think is feeding the zombies? Does Lizzie creep you out as much as she does me? Where was her sister through all of this? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tune in next week for an all-new episode.

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