The Walking Dead Episode (4×10) Review – “Inmates”


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The Survivors Contemplated Following the Tracks in This Week’s Episode

Last week when The Walking Dead returned from its long hiatus, viewers found out what Rick, Carl and Michonne had been up after the prison massacre. Rick, nearly comatose from his wounds, left Carl alone to fend for himself as the kid dealt with his anger over Rick’s management, Hershel’s death, and his missing baby sister Judith. Meanwhile, Michonne’s grief nearly swallowed her whole, but the warrior was saved after she got a glimpse at what giving up and giving in would offer her. By the end of the episode, the three found each other and were reunited in a touching reunion scene. This week in episode 410, viewers learned what became of all the others who may or may not have survived the Governor’s attack on the prison. So now that you’re all caught up on what you may have missed, let’s follow the tracks and discuss this week’s episode, “Inmates.”

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“I’m starting to think it’s easier to just be afraid.”All of the survivors have been divided into groups in such a way that people are now partnered up with folks we’ve never really seen them interact with before. Beth and Daryl are taking their budding friendship on the road. The tough exterior Beth had begun to hone at the prison has begun to crumble in the wake of her father’s execution and Maggie’s unknown whereabouts. While the young woman alternates from burning the pages of her diary where she hopefully wrote about feeling safe and content, Daryl has begun to withdraw back into himself. He never was the chatty type, but this new guy is eerily quiet. Maggie, Sasha and Bob are all stunned at what happened. While Sasha and Bob are beginning to grow close, Maggie’s grief over the loss of her family has caused her to slip into kamikaze mode. Forgoing all safety to learn the truth about Glenn’s fate, Maggie is willing to rush head on into danger for answers. As everyone is in flight or fight mode, Tyreese is stuck carrying for maby Judith (YAY!), and those two crazy little girls Carol was taking care of. Out of everyone, Tyreese got the short end of the stick. As interesting as it is watching this big, hammer-wielding man care for small children, he’s the one most at risk of becoming Walker food now that he has a crying baby on his hip. Speaking of Carol, the writers helped a brutha out by having Carol pop up out of no where to help Tyreese take care of the girls. I just hope she keeps mum about burning Ty’s girlfriend alive. All of these groups have different missions, and it was pretty cool watching all of these people interact with each other. At the prison, the original survivors didn’t always interact with the newbies, so it’s interesting watching them do so now. As all of the guys have somehow found one another, Glenn was revealed to still be at the prison. At first it appeared he’d go it alone, but then he hooked up with Tara, the last remaining member of the Governor’s crew.

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Sasha: If you’re trying to make me feel bad for you, it’s not working.

Bob: Damn, that means I got shot up for nothing.

“Faith ain’t done shit for us.” Faith was a big theme in this week’s episode. Everyone seemed to have it save Daryl, and they all appear to believe that if they made it out of the prison alive, then so did their loved ones. While most seem hopeful, Daryl and Beth seem destroyed. Beth has lost everyone, and while she can see Rick and Carl’s tracks and know they at least made it away from the prison, seeing Hershel decapitated has broken her. And Daryl? He’s lost everyone. Hershel, Rick and Carol were the only people he had left in this world, and they’re all gone. Beth may have found the Grimes’ tracks, but Daryl found their blood. Throughout the episode we hear Beth’s voiceover reading excepts from her diary where she talks about how her father instilled faith in her, and the home she and her family have built at the prison have shown how that faith was rewarded. By the end of the episode, we see Beth burning the pages of that diary. Hershel is dead, Glenn and Maggie are missing, and the home they’d built lay in shambles.

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Tara: I’m a piece of shit. Why would you want my help?

Glenn: I don’t want it. I need it.

Terminus… The Tracks Stop Here… Scattered, broken and tested, the survivors are all on their own course, but they all seem to be heading towards the same destination. If you recall episode 403, “Isolation,” Michonne, Daryl, Bob and Tyreese heard a radio broadcast telling survivors to come to Terminus. Now, Tyreese, Carol, and the girls found a sign showing them where help may be located. Glenn and Tara also may wind up in Terminus thanks to some  strangers they found on the road. Fans of the comics probably recognized Abraham, Eugene and Rosita from Issue #53. Rolling up in a tank, these three want to take Glenn and Tara back to their base camp. With Maggie, Sasha and Bob searching for Glenn, it won’t be long before most of the survivors have reunited.

“Inmates” was a more action-packed episode than last week’s entry, and I have to say Glenn diving into a hoard of Zombies was pretty kick-ass. Everyone we care about has made it out alive, and I think that scares me more than if we found out that a few of them didn’t make it. Now that the survivors are about to reunite and find others like themselves, it’s only a mater of time before their next safe haven gets blown to bits like all of the others. The Governor may be dead, but in this world where the dead have arisen, psychos are born every day.

10-9… Repeat last transmission…

  • Are you happy to see Carol again?
  • How great is it that Judith survived?
  • On a scale from 1-10, how much of a psycho is Lizzie?
  • Action Figure Glenn is back!