The Walking Dead Episode (4×11) Review – “Claimed”


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Rick, Carl and Michonne Play House on This Week’s Episode of The Walking Dead

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne’s little “family,” and how they’ve managing to survive. When we last saw them, Rick was comatose from the injuries he sustained from his beat down at the hands of the Governor, while Carl fended for himself. Michonne, meanwhile, struggled to survive while overcoming her grief. Aside from this cute threesome, we also got a chance to see more of Glenn and Tara’s adventure as they made the acquaintance of Sgt. Abraham Ford and his comrades. Episode 411 gave us the chance to see how these new relationships formed, while old ones were solidified into something new. So let’s discuss “Claimed.”

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“I’ll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we’ve cleaned it.” Now that Michonne has joined Rick and Carl at their new house, the three of them have formed a little modern family The Walking Dead style. Rick is the father, Carl is the son, and Michonne is one part Rick’s partner, and two parts Carl’s BFF. Watching these three try to maintain some semblance of normalcy in spite of everything that’s happened was some of the best scenes this season, if not the series. Even though their unit isn’t the typical family we’re used to seeing, it was enough to make viewers wonder if this feeling of family would continue and possible grow into something more. Could Michonne end up becoming Carl’s stepmom? From the chatter on the Internet, it seems the fans wouldn’t mind at all if she did.

Carl: Your secret is safe with me.

Michonne: It’s not really secret.

Carl: It’s still safe with me.

The Walking Dead 4x11

“Rules of the Game” As cute and refreshing as Rick, Carl and Michonne were playing house, Carl and Michonne’s supply run also took the cake. Carl learned more about Michonne’s past than anyone else has managed to do, including her son’s name (Andre Anthony), and viewers got the opportunity to see a lighter side of the fearsome warrior as she tried to raise Carl’s spirits. While these two searched a nearby house for supplies, viewers also got a peek at one of the most disturbing and touching scenes ever. The moment Michonne opened the door to the pink bedroom upstairs, you just knew she’d find something bad. Inside was the family who owned the home laid out as if at a funeral, but the telltale gunshot wounds in their heads suggested murder/suicide. The scene was disturbing when the realization hit that the father murdered his entire family and then killed himself to save them from becoming Walkers and having to live in this new world. While disturbing, it was also touching to know they all died together as a family.

“It’s my bed now, jerk off.” While Michonne and Carl were out on the town, Rick tried to get some rest and tried to get stronger. Of course this being The Walking Dead, that never happened. In fact, I’m kind of stumped as to why Rick and Michonne actually thought it would happen, because whenever these guys gets comfortable, there’s always some asshole who arrives to burn their house down. This time, it was a band of rowdy and violent thugs. These scenes were wonderfully shot, and evoked the feeling of a tense suspense yarn. From the moment Rick crawled under the bed to hide, to the moment one of the thugs got choked out and saw Rick’s face, the tension was high. Luckily, Rick never got caught, but I loved his cat and mouse game with these new enemies. What’s more, seeing Jeff Kober (Sons of Anarchy) sitting in a rocking chair on the porch before the Walker attack Rick orchestrated tells me we’ll probably be seeing these dudes again.

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“There is zero chance you will ever find your wife again – alive or dead.” Even though Rick’s nap got crashed by some unsavory characters, he still may have had it better than Glenn. Not only does Glenn have one of the Governor’s castoffs following him around like a lost dog, but now he finds himself with a crew of armed people he doesn’t know if he can trust. To top it off, Glenn still has no idea if Maggie survived the prison massacre. Viewers rejoiced last week when Abraham, Rosita and Eugene popped up, and this week we got the chance to get to know them a bit better. Kind of. What we know is Eugene is some hotshot scientist who knows how to cure the world of this horrible zombie epidemic, while Abraham and Rosita are escorting him to Washington, D.C. This cure business seems like a shiny unicorn that’s flown into town spraying citizens with fairy dust from its butt. In other words: I don’t buy it. I do buy that Abraham and Rosita are taking Eugene to D.C., but not that Eugene is the savior of the world. Maybe it’s the dead-eye stare of his or the mullet, but something about this dude screams bad news. Whatever the case, thanks to Eugene “Accidentally” shooting up their transportation, these guys are now going to have to huff it on foot.

 Eugene: Trust me, I’m smarter than you.

Now that everyone’s on the way to “Terminus,” many of the wrongs from the prison shootout will be put right. Glenn will reunite with Maggie, Sasha and Tyrese will see one another once again, and Rick and Carl will discover Judith survived almost being Zombie Chow. Like always, these survivors will get a taste of security, but based on the show’s history, we know not too get too invested, because their security blanket will undoubtedly get pulled right from under them. Hopefully the survivors know this as well. Everyone is on a collision course to hooking up again, and it will be intriguing to see how much everyone has changed, and in what ways these changes will divide the group, or solidify their bonds.