The Walking Dead Episode (4×14) Review – “The Grove”


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On The Walking Dead, Everything Turned Out the Way it Was Supposed To

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was a tough one to watch. Not only did we see the decline of an already mentally unstable child, but we got to witness the murder of two children as well. One of the biggest mysteries this season was about who was feeding the Walkers at the prison. Not only was the identity of the person revealed, but Tyrese finally discovered who murdered his girlfriend Karen. As we watched Carol, Tyrese, Lizzie and Myka try to build a life together at a house in the woods, Lizzie’s mental decline made it apparent that there would be no happy ending. Episode 414 was a lesson filled with tough lessons and even tougher choices.  No matter where they end up going from here one thing’s for certain: they’ll never look at flowers the same way again. So let’s take a stroll through this episode and discuss “The Grove.”

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“Sometimes we have to kill them, I know, but sometimes we don’t.” It’s been apparent all season long that something isn’t quite right with Lizzie. Maybe it’s the way she liked to name the Walkers or may be it was her notion that the Walkers were still living creatures. Whatever it was about her, most viewers pegged her early on as the person feeding the zombies. This week it was revealed that they were right. Lizzie just didn’t get it, and that wasn’t really her fault. All season long the seeds have been planted that Lizzie is crazy. Not, “The Zombie Apocalypse is here and I can’t handle it” crazy, but Future Serial Killers of America crazy. It would have been one thing if she was feeding the Walkers because she couldn’t cope, but she was also killing animals and cutting them up. Not only that, but it was only a few episodes back that Lizzie nearly suffocated Judith. The child has problems, and this new reality definitely wasn’t helping matters. What was sad was how many viewers noticed Lizzie’s instability, but the very people who were around her 24/7 didn’t. Maybe, like us, they discounted Myka as a little kid who was too gentle for this world. Maybe, if they had actually talked to Myka, they may have realized sooner that Lizzie’s problems were old ones and only getting worse. Maybe they would have realized someone like her couldn’t be saved. Maybe if they had, Myka wouldn’t have died. Maybe… Maybe… Maybe….

Lizzie: Did you have kids?

Carol: I did. A kid. A daughter.

Lizzie: What was she like?

Carol: She was sweet. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Lizzie: Is that why she isn’t here now?

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“She was my friend and you killed her.” How different Lizzie and Myka are from each other hadn’t been more apparent than this week. Myka had a very strong moral compass. She believed that all life is sacred, and to harm others is to harm oneself. It’s not really clear if this is how she was raised, or if it is an effect of her sister’s mental illness. What is clear is that Lizzie was ill and seeking treatment before the Apocalypse from the scene when Myka tried to calm Lizzie down following a Walker attack. Even before that Myka told Carol that her sister was sick, yet Carol didn’t understand what Myka was trying to tell her. What should have raised major red flags for Carol and Tyrese was Lizzie’s breakdown after Carol killed “her friend.” For a moment it looked like Lizzie would kill Carol out of anger, and it was that moment that made it clear that not everyone would make it to Terminus. Carol not taking Lizzie’s weapons in that moment will undoubtedly be the thing that will haunt Carol the most. Lizzie was a psychopath and as Carol said at the end of the episode, “This is how she is. It was already there. I didn’t see it.”

Lizzie: Don’t worry, she’ll come back. I made sure not to hurt her brain.


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“Just look at the flowers.” Once it became evident that Lizzie was a danger, not only to Judith whom she also meant to kill, but everyone, Carol and Tyrese made a heartbreaking choice to kill Lizzie. Myka’s murder wasn’t a teachable moment. No matter how Tyrese and Carol tried to make Lizzie understand the consequences of her actions, she just wasn’t going to get it. As she said, “Sometimes I don’t understand, but I’m trying to.” Carol and Tyrese may have been able to convince Lizzie that was she didn’t wasn’t the right thing, but it would have been a temporary band-aid and wouldn’t have stopped her from killing. Lizzie and Myka’s story was messed up to the nth degree, but it wasn’t the only loose end that got tied up this week. Carol finally confessed to Tyrese that she murdered Karen and David, and by the end of the episode it looked like there might only be one survivor left, but in a surprising twist, Tyrese did what most people find difficult to do- He forgave. Now the two have said their good-byes to the little girls they tried to protect and are making their way towards salvation with a new understanding about  each other.

Carol: I killed Karen and David. I had to stop the illness from breaking out. I had to stop other people from dying. It wasn’t Lizzie. It wasn’t a stranger, Tyrese, it was me. Do what you have to do.

Tyrese: I forgive you. I’m never going to forget it happened. You did it. You feel it? I know you do. It’s a part of you now? Me, too! … I forgive you.

Carol: Thank  you.

Tyrese: We don’t have to stay. We can’t stay.

The Walking Dead Episode 4x14

“The Grove” was one of the best episode of the season, and will definitely go down as one of the most memorable. The survivors have struggled to survive for so long that it’s been easy to forget that they had lives before the Zombie Apocalypse. That things in their lives before helped shaped them into the people they are today. Mental illness has only previously been a factor with characters like Morgan (“Clear) who had suffered so much loss that they lost a bit of themselves. We even seen Rick suffer in the past after Lori died, but until now we haven’t seen what effects the Zombie Apocalypse has had on someone who was already mentally ill. Touching and disturbing, “The Grove” was also incredibly beautiful. As Myka said early on, “Everything always works out the way it’s supposed to.” Though sad, this was probably how Lizzie and Myka would have ended up. This was their fate.

On the Road to Terminus…

  • If the Apocalypse didn’t happen, would Lizzie have wound up in an institution instead of a grave?
  • Lizzie playing with Walkers was yet another red flag Carol and Tyrese ignored. SMFH!
  • Why are these people still eating meat and why aren’t the animals affected by the virus?
  • Now that Tyrese has forgiven Carol, will Rick?