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In This Weeks The Walking Dead It Ends Or A New Chapter Begins – Welcome to Terminus

Ever since the prison massacre our survivors of The Walking Dead have been searching for one another as they head towards Terminus, a town where “For all that arrive, survive.” This week in episode 415, they’ve finally made it. Glenn and Tara separated from Eugene’s crew, but by the end of the episode they had not only reunited with them, but Maggie, Sasha and Bob as well. Daryl is still with Joe & his Merry Band of Thugs, while Rick, Carl and Michonne are only a few miles ahead of the men they tried to kill a few episodes back. As for Beth? No one’s seen hide nor hair of her since she ditched Daryl and took off in their car. What we do know is that it shouldn’t be long before everyone comes face-to-face, and before we learn whether or not Terminus is the sanctuary that was promised. Having watched this series for the past four seasons, it’s highly unlikely that anyone believes our friends have truly found a safe haven. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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“Come on, we always share!” The highlight of the episode for many was seeing (albeit briefly) Rick, Carl and Michonne as they headed down the tracks towards Terminus. Carl and Michonne continued their playful bickering over junk food as a happy (smiling!) Rick looked on. These three have definitely bonded and created a little family, and it’s easy to see how it would have been if they had all met before the crisis. Michonne, in an essence, has gotten a second chance to forge a relationship with the son she lost and Carl has gained a mother figure and best friend. Even Rick seems to have gotten something out of this new relationship. A chance at a family. Now all that’s missing is for Rick and Michonne to have a relationship of their own apart from Carl, and this post-apocalyptic family unit can really begin to solidify into something more. When Michonne first came on the scene, many of us probably never saw her as a possible love interest for Rick, but as the show has developed, so has their relationship. Hopefully the show will continue to explore this new little family unit as we head into season 5.

The Walking Dead Episode 4x15

“When men like us follow rules and cooperate, a little bit of the world is ours.” Daryl is still traveling with Joe and the other roughnecks, and has discovered that this group is the polar opposite of the one he lost. Joe is full of homespun witticisms that likes to quote whenever he gets the chance, while the others appear to be the type of men you shouldn’t turn your backs on. Early on in the episode Daryl gets into a squabble over a hare he killed with one of the others. Daryl killed the hare, but because the dude said, “Claimed,” Daryl was expected to fork over his prize. This whole argument was reminiscent of a school yard argument little children have, and showed how immature these men actually are. Thanks to Joe’s credo, the wanderer seems like a decent guy, but in light of how he ordered his men to beat Daryl’s nemesis to death after he attempted to set Daryl up proves this guy isn’t completely what he appears. While most of the survivors are heading towards Terminus to reunite with friends and loved ones, Joe and his crew are searching for Rick so they can avenge their friends Rick killed as he tried to escape his “house.” It will be interesting to see what Daryl does when these two groups come face-to-face.

Joe: You told the truth. He lied. You understood the rules. He didn’t.

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“You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.” Glenn and Maggie’s search for one another reached a conclusion this week. Both believed the other was in Terminus, and thanks to Glenn’s suicidal can-do attitude, the spouses ended up meeting each other in a Walker infested tunnel after Maggie, Sasha and Bob rescued Glenn and Tara. This scene was great because it had that straight up horror movie feel. As Glenn and Tara tried to climb over a mountain of debris and zombies in a pitch black tunnel, Tara’s leg got stuck in some rubble. As expected, not all of the Walkers were dead, and it wasn’t long before they tried to snack on Glenn and Tara. When Maggie and company (along with Eugene, Rosita and Abraham) arrived on the scene, it was one of the best moments of the season, because it gave everyone hope. If Glenn and Maggie could be reunited against all odds, than maybe Sasha would find Tyrese, Rosita could get supplies for her groups trek to Washington, and everyone would find a safe place to stay for a while. Now that this group has arrived at Terminus they’ll hopefully get everything they need to rest and recharge their batteries.

Abraham: He tells me I’m wrong, I listen. Tomorrow we go to the end of the line, then Washington.

“Us” wasn’t the most interesting episode of the season for me. I loved watching Daryl cope with his new group, Glenn and Maggie’s reunion, and the Grimes family 2.0, but aside from the tunnel scene the episode lacked urgency. Things were so slow, in fact, that I began to read a book whenever Eugene, Abraham and Rosita were on screen. That is bad! For most of the hour we got treated to the same old, same old traveling and occasional Walkers, and “Us” failed to live up to last week’s stellar episode. The survivors have been heading for Terminus since the series resumed after the winter hiatus, and it definitely feels as if I’ve walked with them the entire way. The Walking Dead always has a tendency to drag a bit in between the more action-packed episodes, and it tends to feel a bit of a drag. Of course, each episode can’t always be about mayhem and destruction, but hopefully the writers will realize the episodes don’t have to move this slowly and will speed things up next season.

Next week is the season 4 finale, and I for one am ecstatic that it won’t air the same time as the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere for a change. Woo hoo! Maggie, Glenn and their respective crews have now arrived in Terminus, but the Grimes’ “family” runs into a bit of trouble along the way as they cross paths with Joe’s crew. Undoubtedly all the action lacking in this episode will be piled in the finale, so hold on to your hats, sit back, and pray that your faves make it to next season. Until next time…

On the Road to Terminus…

  • Where were all the townsfolk in Terminus and why wasn’t the gate locked? Until the guys see more people, it’s probably not wise to eat that woman’s food. Considering the survivors’ luck, could they be in for a Texas Chainsaw situation at Terminus? (“It’s people! Soylent Green is made out of people!”)
  • How quickly will Daryl turn on Joe and his boys?
  • Where’s Beth?