Watch ‘The Quest’: Inside Look on ABC’s New Fantasy Reality TV


The Quest Cast

Middle Eaaaarth! You heard me! That’s the words screamed after watching behind-the-scenes “The Quest” released by Mashable.

And yes the geek, gamer, explorer, adventure seeker in me literally got goosebumps!

Here’s why you’ll get excited about this series. If every time you’ve watched an Assassin’s Creed game or immersed yourself in the wonders of Lord of the Rings, or imagined yourself a nights watch man in HBO’s Game of Thrones. If you’ve at any point in time ever thought to yourself wouldn’t it be cool to be a character in the world of fantasy you watch in the movies or play in the video games? Then this reality tv show is for you. The trailer released by EW didn’t have me as excited as I hoped. However, finally the video I’ve been waiting for to explain exactly what’s behind ABC’s reality tv series, “The Quest.” why we should tune in and be part of the fantasy tv.

“The show is written for scripted actors, and then we intertwined reality competition and reality moments where the contestants interact with the scripted characters. The strongest will survive and the strongest will be the one true hero it’s reality competition with scripted storyline.”

What the producers are introducing is exactly an entire new type of reality television that just may take off if done right. Executive Producer Rob Eric explains, “If you look at Lord of the Rings it’s kind of a reality show. You have Elijah Woods character has to get the ring to Modor and throughout it there’s quests and challenges that happen along the way. It’s no different we’re putting our contestants through quest and challenged to make them a true hero, so we sort of merge those two worlds by raising the bar on reality and taking the narrative world to a place it’s never been and meeting it in the middle.”

Beginning July 31 on ABC, the reality television show The Quest will place 12 reality contestants on an epic adventure. The only other question left is how the heck do I get casted for season two? While you hit play to watch the video I’m on the other side contemplating this.

The Quest premiere on Thursday, July 31, at 8|7c on ABC.

SOURCE: Mashable