Will you have tears of blood when True Blood ends?


True Blood True To The End

Grab a tru blood for True Blood’s final season

The True Blood television show is coming to a close as the seventh and final season will air starting on Sunday, June 22nd, 9/8c only on HBO. It’s been a brilliant and outstanding journey from that first episode when Sookie gets entranced by Bill’s silent mind. What’s going to happen in this final season? Devastation? Tragedy? Loss? Love? Revenge? Bloody massacres? Why all the above and more! Every season has given the audience something to discuss and it’s sure not to fail as the final countdown begins to the end of Bon Temp, as the world as come to devour. So, whet your appetite with this video until it’s sated on Sundays for the final and sure-to-be-bloody season.

Be sure to catch “Jesus Gonna Be Here” on the 22nd of June!