Witches of East End 2×02 Quotes: Five That’s Awkward Scenes



Ancient Books, Smoke Monsters, and Rabid Owls, Oh My!

The latest episode of Witches of East End, “The Son Also Rises” continues strong following the surprising turn of events in its season two premiere. This week we get down to the good stuff as we learn more about what Frederick is capable of both physically and magically. Meanwhile the ongoing troubles surrounding the Gardiner brothers remain the same. Dash is still locked away in an attack when he’s not busy destroying objects around him. And Killian is caught up in mental fog uncertain of his identity and powers while being sexed up by the beautiful enchantress, Eva.  On the home front, Beauchamp sisters Ingrid and Freya have their own pet projects. Freya’s Operation Finding Killian reaches a critical stage as her powers united with twin brother Frederick leads her to find some important clues about Killian’s whereabouts. Then there’s Ingrid, whose major steps towards self-empowerment lands her a new job cataloging a rare collection of books about witches!

1. A Little More Than Hangover


When Joanna and Freya find Ingrid passed out on the front lawn, it’s not a good sign. Making matters worse, when she wakes up, and talks about being hungry we all know why our girl Ingrid is starving. Here’s a hint: it isn’t because she’s undergoing some kind of juice cleanse. I cannot envision the sort of reaction everyone, let alone Ingrid, will have once she discovers the truth. The way she is craving a meal after feeding the Tentacle Man is one of the episode’s most awkward moments.

Ingrid:  “You know what’s crazy? I think that’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.  And I’m starving! I want pancakes, and eggs, and bacon, and tacos! I would kill for a taco.”

2. He’s Not Heavy He’s My Twin

WOEE202-WENDYFreya and Ingrid learning they have a long lost brother played out better than I expected. Last season there was such an emphasis on honesty, and lies. Ingrid couldn’t let go of her anger when she learned about her father, so I was pleasantly surprised at how open both Frey and Ingrid are about their brother. I love how Joanna rambles on and Wendy gets straight to the point, making what is easily surprising news for the girls, also a little less dramatic.

Joanna: “400 years ago there was a war—”

Wendy: “You have a brother and he’s upstairs asleep.”

Joanna: “Thank you, Wendy.”

Joanna: “It’s like a bandage, you just got to yank it off!”

 3. Sorry, Not So Sorry



I don’t know what Eva’s deal is, whether she is luring Killian into a false sense of security or if she is as bewitched as she appears to be when she admits having an inexplicable connection with him. Considering all the owl omens, and the way Killian’s luck with the ladies in the past stand, you never know how it will end. I felt really awkward listening to Eva talk about her connection to him especially since we’ve seen this play out with Freya last season. One thing is for sure, Freya better get her game face one because I don’t think Eva is going to let go of Killian so easily.

Eva: “I’m scared. I’ve only known you for a few days but I already feel like I’ve known you forever…like we’re connected.”

4. There Goes the Neighborhood


 There’s nothing like a raving mad man screaming about doom and gloom to set off the holiday spirit! As the entire town of East End celebrates the Fourth of July, the mysterious smoke monster plucks another victim and it happens to be none other than Dr. Foster, the jerk co-worker at Ingrid’s new job. This marks the second consecutive warning of impending danger which is a bad sign. After last season when attacks happened, it lead to a lot unfortunate events. Let’s hope the East End police department keep a better eye on this case. In the mean time, let’s hope the Beauchamp clan can work their magic and uncover the truth!

Dr. Foster: “He’s here! He walks among us! He’s carving the ancient symbol of the king! This is a warning to us all!”

5. Not Quite Magically Delicious

Leave it to Joanna to use some organic means of persuasion to get down to the bottom of things. I love how Witches of East End can be fun and whimsical at times by using things like truth root to help move along their story! When Wendy goes to Joanna with concerns about Frederick, we find Joanna in the garden. When she tells Wendy’s her plans to charm Dash by baking him a pie with truth root, Wendy’s reaction is priceless. Even in the middle of possible danger, Wendy knows how to still lighten the mood! Still, poor Dash, the guy isn’t doing well on his own, but hopefully that will turn around eventually.

Wendy :“That’s your plan, magic pie?”


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