Witches of East End 2×01: Five Memorable Quotes in Five OMG Scenes



Something Old, Something New, Still All Around Ball of Crazy

Brace yourself WitchEEs because the season two premiere of Witches of East End, episode “A Moveable Beast,” is a strong start for what promises to be one hell of a new season.  The hit supernatural show about magical realms, witches, and immortals reached a major turning point last season when Wendy Beauchamp opened the portal to Asgard—the world where the charmed Beauchamp family and most mystical creatures hail from. Now that anyone or anything can cross over to the human world, you can bet East End will be more dangerous than ever.

1. Surprise, Surprise

Witches of East End 2x01 Fred


When the matriarchal badass of the Beauchamp family, Joanna, revealed she left behind a son, Frederick, in Asgard, theories abound when and how the long lost son would return. Seeing Frederick find himself at the Beauchamp residence when Joanna needed him most was touching and surprising. When Christain Cooke, who portrays Frederick mutters his first words, there’s a mix of awe and sadness for their tragic past.

2. We Are Family


“All I have ever wanted for my girls was that they get to lead a normal life. This is normal. I’m not supposed to live forever. Maybe, if I go, my curse goes with me and my girls get to finally grow old, for once.”

My favorite moment of “A Moveable Beast” is between Joanna and her sister, Wendy. When Joanna’s face almost lights up with hope that her possible death could be what is needed to release her daughters from their curse, you can’t help but feel teary eyed. Having Wendy at her side? Well you might as well break out a box of klennex. This is the core of what Witches of East End does so brilliantly, crafting well-formed characters whose connection is relative to viewers. The idea of death, dying, and the legacy you leave for your family is relevant and touching. It doesn’t matter if there are supernatural elements to the series, this scene between them hits very important human concerns.

3. Ingrid Gets Her Groove On? #Awkward


“Do you need me to feed you?”

Easily the most shocking scene of the entire season premiere, once again Ingrid becomes a pawn in what is a disturbing plot to destroy the powerful Beauchamp. Still, the half serpent,  half  humanoid creature is a little too hentai for me. If the visuals are not unnerving enough, Ingrid’s offer to feed him provides just as much unease. Without a doubt, Witches of East End is living up to their theme “the darkness is rising.”

4. It’s Always The Quiet Ones

Dash Angry

“I didn’t murder you, but I hope you’re dead. You and Freya can rot for all I care. You both deserve whatever you get!”

To say Dash is bitter about Freya leaving him at the altar, and for his brother, Killian, no less is an understatement. It’s easy to understand Dash’s anger, but you mix those intense emotions with magic and it’s nothing but trouble. Until now, Dash has been the responsible good brother. So, it’s crazy to see him cut loose and literally set the photos he had with Freya on fire after losing his temper. It doesn’t help matters that a hallucination of Killian continues to guilt him about their violent fight. Hearing how much Dash wishes Freya dead, will this be the past repeating itself? Freya does have a habit of angering her previous lovers to the brink of homicide.

5. Is This Burning, An Eternal Flame?

Victor and Joanna 01

 You have me Joanna, as long as you want me, I’m here.”

Joanna basically stole the episode with her heartbreaking scenes, and in finally accepting Victor into her life again. Sure, they hooked up last season but there was hesitancy on her part. Joanna accepting Victor’s aid, and allowing herself to be vulnerable around him is a pleasant surprise. When she breaks down at the struggle to even function normally as the poison in her veins weakens her, Victor is quick to reassure her.

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