Witches of East End – The Score: Episode 2×01 “A Moveable Beast”


The Score WOEE

Chock-Full of Former Lovers, New Enemies, and a Whole Lot of WTF?! And That’s Just Episode One!

Character development is an instrumental part of what can make and break a show. In the season two premiere of Witches of East End we return to East End where all hell, or should I say Asgard, has broken loose. The Beauchamp family braces themselves for another series of unfortunate events while some familiar faces are back onscreen, and a prodigal son returns!

But how did these band of misfits and witches hold up in this episode?

THE SCORE - JOANNA B Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond)

Julia Ormond never ceases to impress me with her performance as the Beauchamp matriarch, Joanna. Joanna continues to lead the Beauchamp clan for a resolution despite the tragic aftermath of opening the portal to Asgard. When she endures the treatments to combat an argenteum poisoning with leeches, you gotta give the women credit for taking it in stride.

PASS (8 out of 10) Even though she rocked her scenes, it would have been nice to see Joanna bond with Ingrid and Freya




THE SCORE - WENDY BWendy Beauchamp (Mädchen Amick)

Free-spirited Wendy Beauchamp, the queen of coolness, delivers the best lines, and expressions in not only “A Moveable Beast” but pretty much in every episode. Fiercely protective of her family, and a girl you can count on, Wendy’s scenes with Joanna are powerfully heartfelt when they discussed the subject of death, and the girls, Ingrid and Freya.

PASS (8 out of 10) Wendy always provides the right balance of comic relief with her own brand of sass. Her scenes were limited but just like Joanna, she could have spent a bit more time with Frey and Ingrid. For example, does she even know Ingrid is taking midnight strolls into the middle of the woods? I can’t wait to hear her two cents on the matter! That said, it’s understandable her focus is on her sister Joanna.



THE SCORE - INGRID BIngrid Beauchamp (Rachel Boston)

One of the things I love about Ingrid is her determination and intelligence. Although she didn’t initially start off with having an interesting storyline in the season premiere, apart from sleepwalking and looking into a new job opportunity, by the end of the episode boy did things amp up quickly. When the reveal of what goes on during Ingrid’s sleepwalking adventures flashes onscreen, let’s just say it’s shocking.

PASS (9 out of  10) Ingrid shows a little bit of everything from her blame-it-on-the-alcohol romp at an East End local bar (The Bent Elbow) to getting her freak on with a mysterious tentacle man beast in the woods. Poor girl really has a rocky road in the path of love, but at least you can’t say it’s boring. As per usual, Ingrid has the most dynamic and shocking storylines. Here’s hoping for more in the new season.


THE SCORE - FREYA BFreya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan-Tatum)

Poor girl is down and out of luck when it comes to love. Freya, despite being a character who is quirky and fun, still needs a stronger storyline than the one revolving around her love life. But the good thing is at least the show is addressing her dilemma with Killian and Dash head on.

PASS (6 out of 10) Not to be upstaged by Ingrid’s plotline, Freya continues her search for Killian while facing a very volatile and pissed off ex-fiancé, Dash. Freya barely passed because there’s nothing really new, even though her storyline continues to be interesting. I love seeing her use her powers for good like mixing a potion for Ingrid, or following her premonitions in order to GPS track her man, Killian, from afar.



THE SCORE - DASH GDash Gardiner (Eric Winter)

My oh my, someone is quickly becoming a bad boy and I love it! Who would have thought that the golden boy of the Gardiner family could be so brooding and angry? Certainly not taking the rejection from Freya lightly, his anger and newly acquired powers marks an interesting point with his character’s development. I can’t wait to see more of what’s to come from him as he continues to research his powers.

PASS (8 out of 10) Just as scene stealing as Joanna’s scenes are with Wendy, Dash definitely stands out when he combats his guilty conscious about Killian, and Freya! He lost a few points due to his menacing almost stalker like actions during his bar scenes with Freya. Eric Winters is spot on in  his performance by demonstrating the perfect hate face when Dash sees Freya. Also, I enjoy following along with him in his search for answers to his new found abilities, This season he is relentless, angry, and devious. A part of me wishes Dash was a bit more of the bad boy while he was with Freya last year because it would have made season one much more compelling. Here’s hoping that maybe we can get Freya and Dash together without the hate or animosity because when these two enter a room you know they can literally set the place on fire!

THE SCORE - KILLIAN GKillian Gardiner (Daniel Di Tomasso)

Killian wasn’t around for most of the episode, but he did make one grand entrance toward the end when we discover what happened after his fight with Dash, and how he’s been doing so far apart from East End. Di Tomasso does a great job of showing different sides of Killian even if some of them are illusions. It was a nice change in pace

PASS (7 out of 10) Killian’s absence is felt throughout “A Moveable Beast” but seeing him in a different light whether he is a hallucination born out of Dash’s guilt or a phantom from one of Freya’s visions is fascinating and fun to watch unfold onscreen.




THE SCORE - FREDERICK BFrederick Beauchamp (Christian Cooke)

I actually really like the casting choice with Cooke as the additional member of the Beauchamp family. The mystery and suspense surrounding his arrival has a great set up, the uncertainty of whether he is good or bad is a nice storyline. Watching him heal Joanna was a definite highlight.

PASS (7 out of 10) A fresh new face, making this season all the more interesting, Cooke makes the most of his few scenes as the newcomer Frederick Beauchamp. At times he appears genuinely good, especially when he heals his mother but then you have Wendy’s advice about him to Joanna serve as remind that he may not be all vulnerable and innocent, no matter how sweet his puppy dog eyes may beg to differ. As a significant turn and plot twist, Frederick’s appearance earns him a slightly above average score.


So what did you think about the episode? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below and give your own rating!