The Coolest New Games From William Hill

By its very nature, our site tends to attract those constantly on the lookout for what’s cool. They want the latest games boasting the latest fashions and they want them before anybody else gets their hands on them.

And that’s something we’re always eager to provide, not only with wear games themselves but with all manner of top online gaming sites.

The same goes for those who like to take their virtual avatars out for a spot of cash-grabbing gaming at the web’s top casino sites. If that’s why you’re here, you’re in luck. Always on the ball when it comes to spotting the coolest new casino games, Interwin88 is our pick for the best of the bunch of casino providers that are constantly changing. 

Mayfair Roulette

Never ones to rest on their laurels even after coming out with a hit game, William Hill is always making efforts to literally reinvent the wheel. In this case, said reel comes with lots of red and black stripes, and even more opportunities to bet.

Their new Mayfair Roulette game is exclusive to mobile and tablet devices and combines all the grace and sophistication of London’s most exclusive area with the kind of engaging gameplay you can enjoy wherever you happen to be.

OK, so the jackpot prizes up for grabs may not afford you a top Mayfair home, but they may at least get you dinner in a premier restaurant down there.

Mayfair Blackjack

Like the idea of the luxury and prestige of Mayfair but prefer your games to come complete with a deck of cards than a spinning wheel? Mayfair Blackjack has you covered. Again, you’ll need your smartphone or iPad handy to start counting cards with this one, but the pursuit towards beating the dealer and landing that jackpot prize is as entertaining here as in any game of its type.

Indian Dream

Another one exclusive to players in the UK, William Hill’s Indian Dream has its roots in the wildly popular land-based slot that spread like wildfire across the United States when it was first introduced back in 1999.

Originally developed by Aristocrat Gaming, the game’s biggest selling point is its unique pay line method, with over 240 ways to scoop a prize.

Beyond that, you’re looking at the usual bonus features, scatter symbols, and wilds, all in keeping with the Native Indian theme running throughout the game itself.

As we said, this is another exclusive to the UK brand, but unlike the mobile-only Mayfair games, you can play this one on your home computer, too.

50 Dragons

Having achieved all kinds of success with their 50 Lions Cherry Casino game, developers Aristocrat gave the original a thoroughly Eastern makeover and brought it to gaming fans in the form of the brand new 90 ball bingo at William Hill.

With no less than 50 pay lines spread out over five reels, this is a vibrant, colorful, and wonderfully enjoyable game whilst still remaining cool enough for anyone looking for the next big thing.

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