TVD Dallas – Phoebe Tonkin Panel


TVD DALLAS Phoebe 10A Werewolf in Dallas

The Originals’ beautiful Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) treated fans to a panel at this year’s Vampire Diaries and Originals fan convention in Dallas, Texas or TVD Dallas. For a second time, Creation Entertainment hosts a fan convention with stars from both TVD and The Originals appear (Aug. 8 – 10). They participate in Q&A panels for the fans, sign autographs and take photos with fans. Cast members scheduled to appear this year include Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley. Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Steven McQueen, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Malarkey, Phoebe Tonkin, Todd Stashwick, Chase Coleman, Micah Parker and Paul Telfer, Phoebe appeared for a panel on Saturday afternoon at the convention. Below are some quotes from her panel as well as photos shared by fans.

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  • The Originals are currently shooting episode 5.
  • Phoebe says that the accents are easy to pull off when she is around a lot of Americans.
  • She considers The Originals to be a family now.
  • She talks Hayley’s poor decision making on TVD.
  • When asked if she traveled here with Paul, she blushed like crazy.
  • Phoebe loves the movie Mrs. Doubtfire!
  • She talks about knowing Claire Holt for so long and says, “We literally grew up together.”
  • Phoebe confesses she Claire Holt since she hasn’t been on set in a while!
  • When Phoebe was cast in TVD she knew that she would be part of The Originals,
  • Says she didn’t know Hayley would be pregnant before she read the pilot of The Originals.
  • She reveals she was super shy when she was younger so her mom enrolled her in acting classes.
  • According to Phoebe, there’s still a prank war going on between Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan.
  • She got her role on TVD from contacts from her time on The Secret Circle!
  • “I think Hayley let’s the witches control her on The Originals” – Phoebe.
  • ” You listen to Nina. If Nina says you’re going to dinner then YOU’RE going to dinner.” – Phoebe.
  • To prepare for Hayley being a Mother she watched a lot of videos of women giving birth.
  • Phoebe says the loss of Hayley’s baby is still fresh and that everyone is dealing with it differently.
  • She says that Hayley is picking up some bad traits from Klaus as she deals with the loss of her child
  • Fan: Stelena or Delena? Phoebe: “Ummm can I pick someone else?” Fan: What about Matt? Phoebe: “Sure.”
  • ” I didn’t mean to like come in and ruin this relationship”- Phoebe on accidentally derailing Klaroline.
  • She thinks the relationship between Caroline and Klaus is sweet.
  • Phoebe calls the The Originals season finale emotionally draining.
  • Fan asked Phoebe what she thinks when she sees all these fangirls gawking over Paul? She just smiled then said “I think it’s really nice.”
  • She would want bring Candic eAccola as a permanent cast member on The Originals.
  • If Phoebe could be another character she would be Katherine.
  • She would rather be a mermaid than a werewolf!
  • She says all the actors love to pitch ideas to the writers.
  • “Hayley was never romantically involved with Klaus.” – Phoebe.
  • After the klayley make out scene Joseph Morgan dropped her.
  • She talks about how much she loved the trend everyone did for her the day she decided to leave twitter.

Special thanks to  @MckinleyL123  @nsally1982  @kxyfan@ADropOf_PDub and @insticator_inc for live tweeting and sharing the amazing photos! :)