The Vampire Diaries Top Five Predictions Following Ep. 3×20: Do Not Go Gentle


I just want to state for the record that my anger at Klaus after last season’s “The Sun Also Rises” pales in comparison to what I think of Esther for doing this:

How can she possibly be surprised at how her children turned out?

At any rate, we’re down to two episodes and a mighty interesting table has been set what with the creation of a new Original and a super powered White Oak Stake.  Here are this week’s predictions following this heart wrenching and deeply emotional episode (special kudos to Messrs. Davis and Somerhalder.  Team Bad-Ass will always live in memory.)

Esther’s Not Done With Bonnie

Poor Bonnie, first she gets possessed by Emily Bennett, whose actions almost get Bonnie killed at the hands of Damon, then she’s haunted by ghosts, one of whom steals her boyfriend, and now she’s possessed by the worst monster this show has ever seen:  The Original Witch.  It appears that Esther’s powers know no limits.  She can switch in and out of bodies seemingly at will, she can bind her children together with a drop of Petrova Blood, she can turn Eternity Rings into creators of indestructible inanimate objects and even when killed, she gets to possess Bonnie and make her force Ric to transition.  And I have to say, I think she’s just getting warmed up.  So, I predict that Bonnie’s in for some more body jacking.

That said, I also think that…

Bonnie Will Fight Back

More to the point, and maybe this is more a hope than a prediction, she will use a weapon that has been strangely absent from the show after such a big deal was made about it earlier this season…


In Ghost World, destroying that necklace was the key to closing the door to the other side at least partially still open because of the Original Witch.  It seems clear then that this Talisman is key to destroying Esther’s power for once and for all.  Bonnie will do it too because Esther has demonstrated that she is no servant of “balance” but a vengeful and insane spirit who is a bigger menace than even Klaus.

However, I think that more than this will be required for the “good guys” (such a relative term on this show) to win.  Ergo, my next prediction, which is that…

Top 10: 03 Team Salvatore Is The Key to Winning

Yes, they’ve been at odds over Elena but it’s their team work that can and will save the day this time. Mark my words.  I have some ideas of how but some are informed by some spoilery tidbits I’ve picked up and some might be clearer after the next episode.  As is always the case on this show, no “victory” comes without a price.  Usually a high and extremely painful price. Predictions 2 and 1 are about what I think that price is going to look like even though I would like to be wrong.

Top 10: 01 If Ric Dies, it Will Be Damon Who Kills Him

I really really really hate this idea but it’s so poetic and potentially poignant that if it has to happen there really is no other choice.  Do I think Ric will die?  As much as I love Matt Davis, I can’t really think of another solution. Team Bad-Ass has been so much fun to watch.  What an amazing way to show Damon’s ability to be a friend and to be befriended.  Klaus talked about strange bedfellows in this episode, referring to Stefan and him, but the true strange, and wonderful, bedfellows have been Damon and Ric.  It has to be Damon who kills him.  And it will break his heart.

Top 10: 01 Someone Else Besides Ric Will Die

As I said before, on this show, victory is always bitter sweet, emphasis on the bitter.  Last season Elena was saved, but she lost both her parents and Jenna.  Damon was saved, but it cost Stefan his soul.  This season something needs to be done to stop Klaus from using Elena as a blood bag for a hybrid army.  I think this will happen but once again someone will get caught in the crossfire.  I believe it will be one of these three:


The table has been set so that a case can be made for why any of these guys wouldn’t survive. Some will say that there’s no way the writers would do this but I disagree.   I think the writers have demonstrated over and over that no one on this show is safe (except Elena, and probably Stefan and Damon) so I would not put it past them, much as I don’t like the idea.

Okay, that is it for this week.  As always, comments, questions, disagreements, etc. are more than welcome so comment away.


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