NYLON Cops Chat with Nina Dobrev


nina Nylon.11Twitter Q&A with August’s Cover Girl

The ‘NYLON Cops Chatt’ featuring Let’s Be Cops star, Nina Dobrev took place on Twitter Thursday afternoon (Aug. 7).. Nina stars alongside Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr, and Rob Riggle in Let’s Be Cops,. The movie is about two friends who pretend to be cops. Nina;plays, Josie is a waitress and love interest of one of the cops. It’s no secret the beautiful TVD actress has been on a media tour promoting the upcoming new comedy. Fans had the opportunity to ask Nina questions during the NYLON Cops Chat on Twitter and Nina would tweet the answers. Check out the summary of Nina’s Q&A session below in case you missed it.


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  • Funniest person on the set of Let’s be cops and TVD ? Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr, Rob Riggle and Keegan Michael Key were all hilarious! So much fun shooting with them! And Paul Wesley, Matt Davis, Candice Accola, Michael Malarkey and David Anders from TVD are super funny.
  • Do you have something in common with Josie,your character in Let’s Be Cops? People say that we both look like Elena from that show The Vampire Diaries.
  • What’s your party trick? I can saber a champagne bottle. Its dangerous so I dont recommend anyone trying unless theyre trained.
  • Could you describe Lets Be Cops with three words ? FUNNIEST. MOVIE. EVER!
  • if you had your own country what would the name be and what would it be known for? DOBREVICHLAND. It would be known for the best extreme sports, beautiful beaches and fun people!
  • Who was the last person to render you starstruck? Weird Al Yankovic!!! I saw him at comic con and I bugged out!
  • What do you think is the weirdest trend right now? One side of the head shaved. Its werid. But I kinda like it. The rebel in me kinda sorta wants to do it!
  • What was your favorite outfit from the shoot? The overalls with the tshirt! Loved being natural, casual and comfortable at a photoshoot for once!
  • Which emoji describes Let’s Be Cops the most? The laughing emoji with the tears of joy!