TVD Dallas – Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Panel


TVD DALLAS Ian and Paul 3Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

For a second year, Creation Entertainment hosts TVD Dallas, Vampire Diaries and Originals fan convention in Dallas, Texas (Aug. 8-10). Saturday afternoon, Vampire Diaries hunks, Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) treated fans to a hilarious panel. In addition to Ian and Paul, stars from both TVD and The Originals  participate in Q&A panels for the fans, sign autographs and take photos with fans. Other cast members attending TVD Dallas were  Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Steven McQueen, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Malarkey, Phoebe Tonkin, Todd Stashwick, Chase Coleman, Micah Parker and Paul Telfer, Check out some quotes from Ian and Paul’s panel as well as photos shared by fans.


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  • Ian comes on stage first he says Paul is changing into his speedo! Haha!
  • Paul comes on stage late “I WAS FIXING MY HAIR!!”
  • Ian jokes that he has a Paul Wesley glow in the dark poster on his ceiling.
  • Paul is making fun of Ian’s photo that’s on the wall.and asks Ian: “Why do you look constipated in your picture?”
  • Ian calls him and Paul “Mighty Morphin’ Salvatore Brothers.” LMFAO!
  • About the possibility of season six being the last: “We don’t know…it’s a …we don’t know. ” -Paul.
  • They talk about the IG photo Ian posted with the aging app. And Ian told Paul he’s a sexy bastard in it LMAO
  • Paul says, “Id like to live in the Greek islands”
  • “Paul and I pee together” – Ian.
  • Ian and Paul talk about the most embarrassing fan moments and refer to  being accosted by a six ft Wonder Woman at Comic Con.
  • Ian talking about Paul, “See what I have to deal with people?”
  • “The baby was asking for it” – Paul says about signing a baby’s head with a sharpie.
  • They both wish a fan “Happy Birthday.”
  • “Are you kidding me you want MORE doppelgängers?” – Ian.
  • Paul said the doppelganger he wishes would come back is Tom Avery.
  • Paul says his passion is film making.
  • Paul is talking about the Humane Society.
  • They both talk factory farming and all that is wrong with how food is produced.
  • Fan to Paul: Take your shirt off. Paul: Give me a minute.
  • Ian has to explain to Paul what a ‘Bucket List’ is.
  • Directing a feature film is #1 on Paul’s bucket list.
  • Ian said the longest running joke on TVD is that they all do impressions of Borat. And Paul’s impression is the best. Paul does a Borat voice.
  • Paul: “Stefan just rents a cabin and makes love to himself. Don’t come a knockin. I’m a making love to myself.”
  • “Stefan has become asexual”- Ian.
  • The blood tastes like cherry pomegranate thing.
  • Ian’s Exercise regiment: eat, sleep, SEXY TIME.
  • Ian says, “I ride my horses in the middle of the day” and Paul goes “he refers to me as a horse.” Paul  impersonates a horseHaha!
  • Ian said his pitbull isn’t doing well and it’s in bad shape. Then Paul said ” well maybe if you’d stop riding her.”
  • On getting laid ” in the Salvatore House you don’t need to cross the street you just need to cross the hall” – Ian.
  • A fan asks, “Whose left you the most star struck?” Ian: “Paul Wesley.”
  • Paul called dibs on Damon’s bed.
  • Paul said: And now for the grand finale where I drop my pants” LMFAO!1

Special thanks to  @nsally1982  @kxyfan @uhmanduh93  @ADropOf_PDub  @insticator_inc and @enzodiaries for live tweeting and sharing the amazing photos! :)