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The Vampire Diaries’ sexy Michael Malarkey (Enxo) appeared Sunday at this year’s TVD Dallas. Creation Entertainment held it’s second annual TVD and The Originals fan convention in Dallas, Texas (Aug. 8 – 10). Stars from both shows appear in Q&A panels for the fans, sign autographs and take photos with fans. Cast members appearing this year include Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley. Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig, Steven McQueen, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Malarkey, Phoebe Tonkin, Todd Stashwick, Chase Coleman, Micah Parker and Paul Telfer, Michael appeared Sunday afternoon for his panel.. Below are some quotes from the his panel as well as photos shared by fans.

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  • Michael: How’s everybody doing on this fine day? Audience: Good. Michael: Great, I’m going to change that for you and make it miserable.
  • He says that Enzo will toe the line between good and evil in season 6.
  • He also says we will see some Caroline and Enzo moments, but not romantic
  • When he got TVD, he was most excited to work with Ian.
  • Michael: When Ian and I were in the cell there was a moment where Ian reached over and tickled my ass. It was love at first touch.” Haha!
  • He says that Ian cares about everything.
  • Despite his British demeanor Michael was actually born in Ohio.
  • It was on his bucket list to play a vampire at some point.
  • He would want to play Gambit from X-Men if he could.
  • When he isn’t working he likes to play his guitar and write music.
  • When Michael was a kid he had a huge crush on Neve Campbell. “I don’t know what she looks like now and she’s probably had to much work done.” – Michael.
  • Fan: If you could be any other character on the show who would it be? Michael:  “Elena so then the show would be about me”
  • A fan asks, “Will you show us your tattoo?” Michael: “Which one?” and he raises eyebrow. Fan replies, “One that’s not visible” Michael: “I’m not going to drop my pants.” LOL
  • He says he wouldn’t be a very good health teacher.. “Okay guys what we’re going to do is eat our greens but throw in a burger.”Haha
  • He does a great Rick Cosnett impression.
  • Fans ask for Stefan and Damon impressions, so he attempts to do an impression of Stefan, but fails miserably.
  • Michael says if he could rewrite the show he would make a Defan would be canon with Stefan and Damon lovers. LMAO.
  • Micheal’s weirdest fan moment: He was playing Elvis in a movie and took a shower after he was done each day.  A fan asked where the drain for his shower ended, so she could put her head under the drain where his hair came out.
  • He explains the heart ripping out special effect.
  • He says we could see some Enzo flashbacks in the later half of season six and hints that we will find out how Enzo became a vampire.
  • He Is a HUGE ‘Game of Thrones’ fan and would  be a Lannister.
  • If wasn’t an actor he would be “an angry, drunk with a few kids in various continents.”
  • Michael talks about adoration of Elvis.
  • Steven just arrives. He runs up to the mike and says to Michael in a girly voice: “I hear you work with Steven McQueen, is he really as dreamy?” And everyone says he is.  Then Michael said…” get the hell out of here.” Hahaha.
  • Then Steven went behind the TV screen and we could see his shadow. He was pretending to pick his nose and grab his chest. Lol!

Special thanks to @insticator_inc @ADropOf_PDub  @nsally1982@tvdfansonline and @enzodiaries for live tweeting and sharing the amazing photos! :)