“There’s a Television in Every Home” : Cult Episode (1×04) “Get with the Program” – MVA Revealed


Adrian HolmesThe search for Nate Sefton continues as Jeff and Skye meet a woman, Ama, in a “Cult” fan chat room,and agree to meet. The woman claims her husband was also taken by the True Believers, and wants to compare information with Jeff to see if he has any leads. Because of the nature of the obsessed fans, Ama brings along a man who has experience deprogramming people who’ve been in cults named Terrance. This week’s search for Nate seemed like the same old thing, but it was the character of Terrance, played by Adrian Holmes, that breathed new life into the investigation.

Cult Episode (1×04) Review – “Get with the Program”

Terrance has a reputation among law enforcement as doing whatever he feels is necessary to get the job done. Some of which, are things not necessarily legal, according to De. Sakelik. While Terrance’s methods may not be the most moral, they are the best tactical solution under these extreme circumstances, and provide results. While at first Jeff and Skye are put off by Terrance’s tactics, they quickly come around (at least Jeff does) when Terrance manages to capture a hacker who may have information on the True Believers that may help them find where Nate is being held. Jeff says, “This isn’t just one of those little kids making videos for his friends. This is one of the bad guys.”

“There’s a television in every home.”

Holmes’s portrayal of a hardened man who has had to go to extremes in order to save the lives of his client’s loved ones was riveting to watch. Up to this point Jeff and Skye have been trying to find Nate by playing by the rules, and haven’t really gotten anywhere. At the end of the episode Terrance left with Ama, but I hope he comes back to offer Jeff and Skye more of his assistance. Besides, if Sky’s theory is correct, and Nate purposely allowed himself to be taken as some sort of initiation ritual into becoming a True Believer, they’re going to need Terrance’s expertise to deprogram Nate. Now that Terrance is gone, here’s hoping Jeff and Skye have learned to be more proactive, because right now the most interesting aspect of Cult is the show within the show, and that’s not how things are supposed to be.

Cult Episode 105, “The Kiss, Airs on March 22nd at 9 EST on the CW