Tilky Jones Making Us Swoon This Holiday Season


Tilky JonesWhether he’s playing a delivery boy or a “choir boy” there’s no denying that he’s got a way with the camera. If only you could bottle him up and hand him out as a gift to all your girlfriends, because Tilky Montgomery Jones is a delicious treat who’s making ladies swoon on ABC’s Nashville as Sean Butler.

Devon Sawa Holiday Goodies

He may portray a good southern gentleman who’s paired up with a feisty rising star, but something tells us this young man has a little wild side to him. So has Tilky Jones been naughty this year? Read about some of his favorite holiday goodies and you be the judge.

TVAD | Favorite thing about Christmas.
Tilky Jones | I love when the lights go up. It brightens up the city, the inside of people’s houses; it brings you back to a place that is familiar

TVAD | Favorite place to visit during the holiday.
TJ | I took a trip to Mexico, I’d like to do that again. It wasn’t your typical white Christmas, I think it’s important to switch it up. Wherever your family is, that’s Christmas.

TVAD | If you had a chance to have a wish, you had as a teenager, come true what would it be?
TJ | We have incredible imagination as kids. The wish that I could fly.

TVAD | Favorite spot to hang a mistletoe? Use your imagination.
TJ | Under the door; I like to ambush the person, that’s a perfect spot. I like to think I’m a romantic.

TVAD | Worst Christmas gift ever?
TJ | I tend to get socks, really horrible Jacar cologne, the plaid boxers you get from grandma.

TVAD | If you were Secret Santa and you were given a name, whose name would you want it to be and what would you get them.
TJ | My parents own a florist business; I’d like to secretly give my parents a vacation.

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