Tips on Using the Odds to Beat No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball Poker

In the past decade, poker has become more popular than anyone could have ever imagined. There are television shows, Internet poker sites, poker training seminars, and poker content coming out of every possible form of media you can think of. Grab your mobile phone and it’s even possible to play poker anywhere. Simply logon to Situs online Judi Terbaik and you can play poker right away.

However, even with this widespread popularity of poker, people in general are only becoming more knowledgeable about the no-limit variation of hold’em poker. Because it’s the easiest form of poker to pick up and learn, it’s the form of poker that gets the vast majority of air time.

So people by the hundreds of thousands have started to play no-limit hold’em who have never been exposed to poker before. And these same people are spreading quickly to other more difficult games, like no-limit Deuce-to-Seven lowball. These types of players are easy money once you know the details of this super-tricky form of five-card draw. If you know the odds involved between various match-ups in this game, you can absolutely crush the competition.

The first set of information to note for people coming from a hold’em background is that outs work the same way when drawing to one card in no-limit Deuce-to-Seven lowball as they do when you’re drawing to some hand on the flop in hold’em. The reason for this is that you have seen five cards out of the deck, leaving 47, so the odds are the same when you’re drawing to some number of outs. For example, if you have 2457K, you discard the King, and you’re hoping to draw to Nine-high or better, then there are four Threes than can help you, four Sixes than can help you, four Eights that can help you, and four Nines that can help you. This is a total of 16 possible outs, meaning that you’re about 34% to hit your hand. This is just like if you were drawing to 16 outs on the flop in hold’em, you’d have about a 34% chance to improve your hand on the turn. Knowing this will allow you to play all draws correctly.

The other set of odds you’ll need to know are the common all-in match-ups before the draw. A pat Jack-high is a favorite against any one-card draw. For example, 2347K discarding the King is about 48% against 3598J all-in before the draw. If you’re facing a pat Queen-high, you’d usually rather discard one card than two. For example, if you’re facing 3589Q standing pat, and your hand is 234TK, discarding just your King has exactly a 50% chance of winning the hand. However, discarding both the Ten and the King has only a 33% chance of winning. Most other match-ups where both players discard one card each are about a 55%/45% or 60%/40%. For example, 2349K discarding the King against 3589Q discarding the Queen is about a 58% vs. 42% chance to win.

Unlike hold’em, no-limit Deuce-to-Seven lowball is a game that heavily revolves around the odds presented in various situations. If you never go against the odds, it’s very difficult to lose in this game unless you’re against an entire table of very good players. That makes no-limit Deuce-to-Seven lowball an excellent poker game to play with people who aren’t very good at poker and know just enough about hold’em from television to get themselve

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