Top 14 Underrated Shirtless TV Male Bods



Let’s face it – you can’t go past a hot shirtless man. Every TV episode, movie, trailer, promo, magazine or picture book that exposes a 6-pack torso has your heart fluttering and your libido on high alert. Ohh, how we envision running our hands over those strong pecks and brushing our mouths over those chiseled abs… yes, we love it when our men go shirtless. There are a ton of gorgeous bodies parading across our TV screens each week, but what about the ones who go relatively unnoticed? It doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful; just that the shows feel the need to deprive us of their beauty. Well, we’ve decided to truss up a list of manly goodies who definitely don’t get the screen time they deserve. Better have a cold one nearby, cos things are about to get hot in here.


14 – Colton Haynes

Don’t be afraid Colton baby, I’ll ease your fears. – Colton Haynes has a body that makes you quiver with pleasure. Recently added to the Arrow cast, the I’m-So-Desirous-You-Picture-Me-Naked-Daily Haynes had ample shirtless time on Teen Wolf, but now – not so much. C’mon Arrow, there’s more to life than Stephen Amell… just like there’s more to Colton Haynes than devilish charm. Hellooo abdomen.

“I have a restraining order against these tools.” ~ Jackson



JD-Pardo-249x300a13 – JD Pardo

Shoot me with an arrow Pardo, I’m all yours. – You might remember him from a certain franchise called Twilight, where he played half-vampire ‘Nahuel’, but why the hell can’t JD Pardo wander round shirtless all the time? He plays ‘Jason’ in Revolution now, and what I cannot fathom is how this divine creature hasn’t torn off his shirt and tanned in the sun for us. All those tight-fitting v-necks are pure torture. No more JD shirts JD, no more.

“What’s a boy band?” ~ Jason



Why yes I'll hop in that bathtub with you Theo.

12 – Theo James

Why yes I’ll hop in that bathtub with you Theo. – He has lips you would feel unworthy kissing, but we shouldn’t forget there’s more to Theo James than his juicy gobsmackers. His regular attire on Golden Boy includes a suit and tie – all we’re saying is, let’s remove that office drab and slip him into something more comfortable. And by ‘something more comfortable’ I mean nothing at all.

“He’s dirty and he’s going after my job, so I’m going to bury him.” ~ Walter



11 – David Ramsey

Take me to pleasure town David, any time. – We all know that Arrow parades the hottest body in town (Stephen Amell‘s) but how can we glance past the taut torso of David Ramsey? He may play Oliver’s sidekick Digs, but this chocolate man boasts a body that all humanity should give reverence to. It’s difficult to tame the wild thoughts circling our minds when Ramsey strolls in shirtless. So Arrow, you gonna treat us to more Ramsey time? I vote you should.

“I thought you took that book off your father’s dead body. How could he have been so chatty?” ~ Diggle


Oh you're hungry Wes? Let me fix that for you.

10 – Wes Brown

You can fix me Wes, doctor away… – Wes Brown comes across as a pretty boy – until he takes his shirt off. Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that’s a chest you’d want pressed down on you. This Deception babe may dress in smart business shirts and flashy shoes – but let’s be honest, we’re undressing him with our eyes as he speaks. Wes, if you’re gonna go jogging, at least do us a favor and wash that sweat off in the shower while we oggle you.

“I am a doctor. I have a diploma and everything.” ~ Julian



9 – Nick Wechsler

Hmm, that sweet, sweet body Jacky Boy. – Revenge‘s Nick Wechsler has a chest so hot it should be illegal. Apart from when he was injured or sharing some quality time with Amanda, Wechsler’s character ‘Jack’ rarely ever takes his shirt off. There’s basically something wrong with the world if someone like Wechsler isn’t having ample shirtless screen time.

“If I don’t make it out of this, tell Jack that I love him.” ~ Emily



8 – Zach Roreig

My eyes won’t stop trailing downward…The Vampire Diaries sports the most attractive cast members on TV – yet not all of them we’re allowed to perve on each week. ‘Matt Donovan’, being the only surviving human, should have special privileges. Like more naked time, for instance. Not only does Zach Roerig have tousled blonde hair, stunning baby blues and a deeply erotic voice, he has a toned chest to boot. Why deprive the fandom of his physique any longer?

“Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town of vampires. I’m practically invisible.” ~ Matt


keegan-allen7 – Keegan Allen

Umm… excuse me while I go remember how to breathe. –  It’s not difficult to picture your fingers slinking their way down Keegan Allens chest. The man has a glorious bod… too glorious to be kept all to himself. As ‘Toby’ on Pretty Little Liars we see a smidgen of Allen’s delectable physique, but not nearly enough of it. Amidst doing your A-thing feel free to whip out those guns Toby, we ain’t stopping you.

Do me a favor?” ~ Toby
“What?” ~ Spencer
“If you ever get the urge to run away again, call me. Okay?” ~ Toby

Nico-Tortorella01a6 – Nico Tortorella

And BOOM – you’re pregnant. – His gay playmate certainly had the masses drooling when he strutted around the room half-naked, but let’s not forget Jacob’s shirtless shenanigans in The FollowingDare we ignore that killer smile and the body it belongs to? I think not.

“I want my life to mean something, it’s really all I ever wanted, it’s perfect, it’s perfect.” ~ Paul to Jacob



blair redford shirtless lying game

5 – Blair Redford

Hello there delicious Blair. – The Lying Game might be off our screens for awhile, but Blair Redford sure hasn’t left our minds. This god-like specimen with his swept brown hair, square jaw and fine abs makes you want to bow down before him and offer your mouth to cure all his ailments. Dear Blair, please let Ethan have more shirtless time on TLG. Thanks, love the universe.

“Oh my God what did I do?” ~ Ethan
“Me. Several times actually.” ~ Sutton

DC-640-ha4 – Dillon Casey

Oh sweet torso gods, thank you for Dillon Casey. – Why isn’t he shirtless more often? Nikita‘s Dillon Casey has flashed his guns (and I don’t mean the semi-automatic kind, though the fervent dealings in the bedroom between Sean and Alex doesn’t count) a couple of times on prime-time, but hardly enough for a Navy Seal. Where’s a chair we can tie him to?

“I guess some things are worth fighting for.” ~ Sean


Kit-Harington-Shirtless3 – Kit Harington

Damn I’d like to run my fingers through that mop of gorgeous locks. – There aren’t a lot of opportunities for Jon Snow to tear off his clothes – being in the middle of an arctic wasteland with only the odd redhead for female company. Still, Kit Harington‘s chest deserves some time in the spotlight. Besides, it’s Game of Thrones. Since when has anything stopped that show from exposing bare flesh?

“Everyone knew what this place was, and no one told me. No one but you. My father knew, and left me to rot at the Wall, all the same.” ~ Jon


ll-cool-j-shirtless 2 – LL Cool J

If there’s a body you can picture doing all kinds of dirty things to, it’s LL Cool J‘s solid chocolate physique. His NCIS character ‘Sam Hanna’ is a man of honor, and let me assure you, we honor NCIS for casting LL so we could perve on him in uniform. But honestly? We’d rather LL without it. Having a shirt just makes his body go to waste. Somebody rectify that injustice please.

 “Never commit a crime in a Gremlin.” ~ Callen
Driving a Gremlin *is* a crime.” ~ Hanna



 1 – Josh Henderson

As his Dallas character ‘John Ross’ has a penchant for profits, Josh Henderson likes to stride it shirtless (just google him and there’s a ton of drool-worthy selfies). Although we’d rather it didn’t take sympathy sex to see Henderson’s pecs and 6-pack, at least the show recognizes our need for his nakedness. Did I mention his scrumptious stare and killer smile?

“For once in my damn life I told the truth and she thought it was a move.” ~ John


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