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Top Ways In Which Casinos Entice Players To Play More

Gambling can be very addicting – many people have grown victim to spending almost all of their money, and worst even their life savings on casinos. It doesn’t help that casinos usually do subtle things that will encourage you to play more – hence more chance of taking away your money. This article will discuss the top ways in which casinos entice players to spend more time playing.

Take note that this article will discuss some of the most common tricks that casinos use to entice their players into playing longer in a casino, gambling without restrictions, or removing inhibitions to take more risky plays. All of these things will equate to more income for the casino, and zero bank account balance for you as a player. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Asian handicap betting, you can visit asiabookie to learn more. Without further ado, let’s start:

They force you to gamble with chips and other tokens rather than actual money 

Whenever you bet double downs on casino games like blackjack or place all in bets on a Texas hold ’em game, you are gambling with actual cash. However, it doesn’t feel like you are gambling with real money, since you exchanged your cash for vibrant tiny discs that constitute genuine money. 

It’s far simpler to wager large sums of your hard-earned cash with casino chips than it is with actual money, and you will not feel losses that much too. Aside from using the classic trick of using casino chips, numerous casinos also allow you to put funds onto a digital wallet that can be used to play digital games, giving another opportunity to separate your gambling money from being associated with your actual money. This will make it easier for you to pour money into playing games and makes losses not as noticeable. After all, you are simply using casino chips or the credits on your digital wallet, right? Until you know it, you are already in deep trouble.

The casino floor is laid out in a labyrinth pattern 

Casino layouts are purposefully complex and convoluted. There seem to be no clear hallways connecting to the exits or distinct walkways connecting the various sections of the playing area.

Rather than that, the arched paths and cleverly positioned casino portions are designed to draw your consideration as you walk through all the games, convincing you to pause and try another round of roulette or toss a few cents into a gambling machine. Even people who were initially going in the direction of the restrooms to take a break, or going out entirely can be convinced to try a few more games. In worse cases, there might even be casino staff roaming near the exit area to try and entice you into playing just a little bit more. These staffs are usually attractive females clad in very little clothing and will try to convince you to spend more time playing.

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