True Blood Episode 6.07 “In The Evening” Review


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Come Again True Blood?

One step forward, two steps back – this week’s episode of True Blood proved that one can snooze and still pay attention to the events going on around Bon Temps. If this show lost Eric and Pam, it would be like the Black Pearl without Jack Sparrow – boring and better off at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a shame because the last two episodes have been so interesting – with Jessica’s fae killing spree, Billith’s sun-walking, hot Jason-Sarah sex and Eric and Pam’s Vamp Camp showdown. But this week, True Blood dropped the ball and kicked it under the table and out-of-reach. Let’s break down the reasons why episode 6.07 “In The Evening” was a colossal disaster.

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jason-sarah-607There’s No Cure For Hep V… The idea of this vamp-killing virus is a good one, but somehow this vicious plan set in motion by Governor Burrell was lost amongst the Sookie-Warlow-Who-Gives-A-Fuck storyline. Eric’s success in getting Nora out of Vamp Camp made me whoop with joy (even despite my utter distaste for his whiny Lilith-loving sister), and even though Pam and Jess are still stuck in the compound, at least they know not to drink the Tru Blood. Speaking of Jess – umm, not exactly sure whether near-death experiences just made her super horny or the writers felt she needed some vamp sex, but that whole scene felt rushed, corny and awkward. Jason was just in the room, for crying out loud. Was it necessary? Are they preparing us for her inevitable death? If so, sex with the man she loves would have been better. I’m just saying.

“Severed arm? Not bad. But too obvious.” ~ Pam

Sookie, Have You Been Under A Rock?… You’d think the chick who can read minds would know Andy had faerie babies, Sam’s in deep shit with Alcide’s pack and Terry gave up the ghost – but no. Sookie’s become so self-absorbed she has lost all common sense. WHY would you sleep with the vamp-faerie who’s been hunting you for years and murdered your parents? We get your va-jay-jay has been lonely, but fuck girl. Also, what’s the bet that glowing ball of light from last episode means a little semi-fae-vamp is on the way? We know Sookie makes dumb choices, but this is taking her stupidity to a whole other level. What’s worse is that she’s decided Warlow needs protecting. Uh, come again? We know he has an attractive body and all, but if you can resist Eric and give in to this fellow, I’m not entirely sure you’re worth keeping around.

eric-nora-607Who’s Alcide Again?… I’m outrageously upset by the turn in the wolf pack storyline. Not only has Rikki become an absolute BIATCH, but why is the pack so fixated on killing Nicole? Sam as a target makes sense, considering that he killed one of their own. But c’mon guys, can’t we just drop this vendetta and go back to having primal wolf sex? Alcide has lost so much of his appeal, and it’s largely due to the new pack mentality. Please redeem his storyline writers, else we lose all sexual fantasies of Joe Manganiello forever.

“You will never be replaced.” ~ Eric

Most of this episode I had no idea what was going on – nor did I care. Was there anyone who was particularly sad about Terry’s death? Or who noticed Arlene’s drunken grieving, for that matter? Lafayette also fell to the wayside this episode; delivering the bad news to Sam but becoming virtually obsolete afterwards. Jason was a bad-ass this episode (but that’s nothing new), and hopefully his time in the bullpen won’t prove fatal. I was surprised that I actually felt sad about Nora’s death, but that was only because of Eric’s desperate attempts to save her (I’m sure the glee will hit me soon). We can probably expect that next week we’ll witness more of Hep V’s awful side effects, as Sarah and her posse release Tru Blood back onto the market. Let’s hope for more vengeful Billith, less Sookie-Warlow, lots of Pam wit and some Eric-related revenge.

True Blood Episode 6.08 “Dead Meat” airs Sunday 4 August, 9.00 – 10.00PM on HBO