True Blood Episode 6.09 “Life Matters” Review


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From Torn Penises To Billith’s Saving Blood – This Week’s Episode Of “True Blood” Created A New Meaning For The Word ‘Epic’…

Praise Jesus! It’s about time you knocked the socks off us True Blood, and you sure as hell took your time to do it too. This week’s episode, titled “Life Matters,” saw the events of the season begin to culminate in spectacular, gory fashion. While Bon Temps took its sweet time saying goodbye to Terry, things were going haywire at Vamp Camp – as Eric’s mouthful of faerie blood provided him with opportunity to tear up the place. Everyone brought their A-game this week, with tears, grief, memories, love, laughter and sacrifice plaguing every minute. Even I feel like going for a prance around in the sun! Let’s chat episode 6.09 shall we?

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Gore, Gore & Did I Mention Gore?… I love how the writers came to this episode and suddenly thought – you know what this episode needs? Amplified gore. But let’s just fuck with their heads a little bit by breaking up the bloody shockers with scenes of Terry’s serene, heartfelt funeral. If they thought it was going to dilute the horror of Eric’s rampage, they thought wrong. From that first shot of guard bodies torn limb from limb scattered across the compound, to Eric deciding the best way to avenge Nora was to rip the Doc’s penis off and let him bleed out slowly, to Bill crushing the Doc’s skull with his foot, to the grand parade of Vampires Set Loose On Their Captors, True Blood swiftly reminded us why it airs on late-night cable. I like to think I have a fairly strong stomach, but even I felt a little ill seeing the Doc’s manhood sitting limply across from him. Eric doesn’t mess around huh?

“You’re free. Go forth and kill the humans.” ~ Eric

Don’t feel bad if you felt a sick kind of satisfaction watching the vamps take revenge on their guards and doctors. Those people had treated them like lab rats, with no care for their feelings or the horror and humiliation that was being bestowed upon them. What was particularly brilliant about this turn of events was that we knew it was coming; from the moment the humans declared war on vampires we knew it would come to this. Of course, this small taste of justice is just the beginning. With vampires across the globe pouncing on contaminated boxes of Tru Blood – AND psycho Sarah still on the loose – the Season 6 finale is going to be epic (and I think it’s safe to say it’s only going to get bloodier).

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R.I.P. Terry Bellefleur… It may have felt like the longest funeral ever, but that was because we were tripping back and forth between Vamp Camp Doom and the aching silence and sweet memories of a loved one lost. I was genuinely surprised at how well-done this funeral was. Rather than itching for everyone to hurry up and move on with their lives, we were gently pulled back into the town and reminded of what one man had meant to the people living there. The service appeared to soften the residents of Bon Temps – Andy in particular – and we were treated to a number of characters who haven’t been on our screens for ages. All the stories were kind and loving and the pleasant melody of Big John’s song allowed Arlene to put Terry to rest (by the way – who the fuck is Big John?).

“He loved you since the second you walked into his life.” ~ Sookie

I have never cared for Terry. To me, he always felt like a filler character – someone we tolerated because he was part of Bon Temps, but never truly cemented within our hearts. Aside from wanting to stroke his golden locks occasionally, it wasn’t exactly devastating when he died in Arlene’s arms. Yet somehow, the funeral resurrected the life within Terry and made him seem a larger part of everyone’s lives than he actually was. It was a cruel kind of irony – in death we saw the value in his life – but it was still a wonderful way to bring all the residents of Bon Temps together. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a bit of Maxine Fortenberry’s snark every once in awhile?


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Team Eric & Jason (With A Side Of Bill)… Guys, it feels like we’ve been waiting all season to witness Jason high on Eric’s blood. It isn’t unusual for Jason to spout whatever he’s thinking, but lord if he ain’t hilarious every time he indulges in vampire blood. The interactions between Jason and Eric were by far the best parts of this entire episode. Then to be treated to martyr Billith as he allowed the trapped vamps to feed on his sunlight-enduring blood – ugh, we could NOT get enough. The second half of the episode just blew me away. With Sarah’s Burn-The-Vamps-In-God’s-Name crusade, to Pam swaying with her therapist in a slow death waltz, to Eric burning Steve in the sun as he declared his love for Jason with his dying breath, to Jason threatening Sarah with claims of communicating with Jesus – I could have re-watched every scene over and over and still had a smile on my face. Not even Ginger’s unearthly screams could ruin the sheer awesomeness of this episode.

“Oh it’s not me doing it honey pie, it’s Jesus.” ~ Jason

You know how else I know this episode was fang-tastic? I finished it realising – with utter shock – that my hate for Bill is gone. Somewhere between episode 6.01 and 6.09, Bill became this integral part of the show. Where before he’d driven us crazy with his whining, pining and ridiculous escapades, he has suddenly become this figure of hope and fatherly affection. Maybe it’s partially thanks to Jessica, or maybe it was purely because this episode made up for a whole lot of crap ones… whatever the reason, I am so glad Bill didn’t go with Lillith’s creepy angels to the other side.

The ONLY thing I’d fault this episode with would be the Warlow-Sookie scene at the beginning. Is Sookie really so invested in this faerie-vamp that she’d be that concerned for his well-being? I hope somehow that her feelings for Warlow are just rebound ones, and she’s not truly in love with him. It would be an injustice to her character I think to have her wave goodbye to all that she’s known and step willingly into an eternity with Warlow. Anyway, it’s a minor fault in an otherwise brilliant episode. So – who’s excited for the Season 6 finale of True Blood?

True Blood Episode 6.10 “Radioactive” airs Sunday 18 August, 9.00 – 10.00PM on HBO