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The serious poker professionals will be very critical of the video version and few will have played it, even for fun. Slot game sultan play is an odd anomaly among the world of online casinos but it can be interesting and also lucrative so it’s worth checking out if you’ve never played before.

If this version is important to you or if you merely want to try it out for the first time then you should compare casino operators very carefully to see who has the best range of games but why play the slot variant at all?

Video Poker explained

Video Poker is essentially a slot game that first saw life as gaming partnered up with the computers of the early 1970s. It soon took off in the physical world too and these rather idiosyncratic slots soon appeared in Las Vegas and in casinos across the globe.

The game itself is based on the five-card draw version of the game which is considered to be the simplest of all so Video Poker is great at an entry-level for those who are learning the rules. Five cards are dealt before the player enters a draw phase where cards can be discarded before the final hand is declared.

There are subtle variations to the rules, depending on which casino you use but the minimum paying hand is generally ‘tens or better’ where a pair of tens will see you claim a modest payout. It’s fun and fast but why should you consider Video Poker over traditional forms of the game?

Compare and Contrast

With table poker, there are lots of factors that just aren’t present in the video version. There you are put up against a set of human opponents who you have to bluff and beat while maintaining your own particular ‘Poker Face’.

Strategy is everything as you build your own style of play and react to every hand in your own fashion. The variant known as Five Card Draw is widely available in that physical world but techniques and tricks are more relevant as you look to take out each individual opponent.

The word ‘strategy’ comes up a lot when you’re trying to make this comparison and those who build a career at the tables would say that there is no strategy at all when it comes to video poker. However, some basic levels of skill are certainly very valuable.


Don’t be tempted to sit in front of an online video poker game with no clue as to what’s going on. The first thing to do is to acquaint yourself with the rules and while that might sound like very basic advice, you would be amazed how many players are completely ignorant as to how the game works.

Card counting and prediction are perhaps the keys to making money with video poker. Look at the cards that have already been dealt and assume that there are a certain amount of tens, jacks, queens, etc to come before proceeding.

Perhaps it’s a little unfair to make any comparison at all between the two games: After all, the majority of online casinos bracket video poker among their slots while having a completely separate site dedicated to all things table-based.

But equally, it would be wrong to say that ‘serious’ poker players don’t spend time on the slot version. There is, in fact, a marginally lower house edge involved with video poker and there is definitely money to be made so if it sounds interesting, find a favorite provider and you can get involved.

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