‘We Blow It All To Hell’ – Nikita Episode 3.19 “Self Destruct” Review



This week’s episode of  Nikita followed the manic mayhem of last week’s with some more gun-shooting drama; although perhaps it lacked the exhilaration of previous episodes (due to a few missing parties one would think). Nevertheless, Nikita always has a back-up plan, and in a way it was nice to have the original 6 back together, flying solo, doing what they do best – seeking revenge.

No More Games – Nikita Episode 3.19 “Self Destruct” MVA Revealed

Nikita-319-1Ryan’s Back! But He’s Doing What Now?!… 

Welcome back Ryan! We sure as hell missed you, and you missed a sure hell of a lot. What a waking-up-out-of-a-coma treat huh? 14 agents remaining, 308 on the loose, couple dozen dead. The most logical solution to such a tragedy would be to dismiss the remaining agents and blow the place sky-high, right? Well that’s the answer according to Ryan, and while Michael and Sonya don’t see the value of eliminating all evidence of Division’s existence and having Ryan take the fall is a good idea, Ryan and Birkhoff think the plan is foolproof.

“What if the government couldn’t be sure what happened… if there was no evidence of Division to find… they wouldn’t know who got out and who didn’t.” ~ Ryan
“And how would we do that?” ~ Michael
“We destroy the facility – permanently. Today. We blow it all to hell. ~ Ryan

The aftermath of this mutiny was never going to be pretty, and while Ryan’s plan has flaws (the main one being Ryan locked up as a lone traitor), it has merit too. How can the team run Division when there are 6 of them left and the place is smashed to bits? Apparently Nikita believes they can. They took down Percy with 6 peeps, why not Amanda? But even if they get Amanda, what next? There’s still over 300 agents loose in the world, and the government isn’t just going to let them go un-silenced. Ryan’s plan may be on hold, but I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet comrades. Explosions are only a countdown timer away from obliterating Division for good.

Alex’s Suicide Mission… 

Alex may think she’s left her past behind, but it’s only truly coming to the surface now. High-tailing it out of Division as soon as Sean died, she heads straight for a crack-house. What appears to be a drug-thirsty hunt ends up being a rescue mission, as the girls trapped inside make us realise that Amanda’s plan for Alex is still in effect. The believed “suicide mission” has Nikita re-living life after Daniel died, when Michael longed for her to see she had something to live for, and Amanda didn’t stop her from going on her own dead-on-arrival task. The flashbacks give Nikita direction on how to approach Alex, and some understanding too I’d say.

“This place doesn’t do second chances, no matter what the brochures say.” ~ Birkhoff

It might have seemed a little cheesy that the girls decided they’d tackle all the pimps (while still holding their guns mind you), at least it gave Nikita and Alex the will to fight for Division again. Besides, Michael zooming in to knock that douche-bag off his feet was quite enjoyable, to say the least.

Nikita-319Time Is Ticking… 

One thing we can be sure of is that a week is not a long time to track down “Sam”, take down Amanda, seek out the remaining Dirty 30 and convince the President everything is under control. Still, if anyone can do it, Nikita can – right?

This episode lacked a bit of the gusto Nikita normally has, though I think that was largely part to the dwindling Division members. With no Sean to balance out Alex’s crazy (sad face), no “Sam” to put the brazen in bad agent, and no Amanda to curl our toes with her Cheshire-cat type conversations (the flashbacks don’t count) it felt a bit empty, to be honest. I’m all for Birkhoff and Sonya, who provide a refreshing change from “Mikita” and the general feel of the show, and Ryan’s return had pleasing feels all round. But there’s something lacking in the show’s make-up and it showed this week. Nevertheless, I’m itching for more “Sam” and the eventual take-down of Amanda. Who knows, the final few episodes of this season may take us by surprise (and hopefully with more explosions).

Nikita episode 3.20 “High-Value Target” airs Friday, May 3 at 8/7C on The CW