What Are We Vigilante Killers Now?: Being Human Episode (3×13) Review – “Ruh Roh”


Being Human US Season 3 Cast

This week signaled the end of Being Human’s third season, and what a ride it’s been! The tagline for this season was, “Be Careful What You Wish For,” and all of the roommates had to learn that lesson the hard way. Aidan wanted to be free of the vampires, now finds himself the progenitor of a whole new breed thanks to him merging werewolf blood into his system, and teaching others to do the same. They thought they were creating a cure for the VIRUS, but have now unleashed a new threat. One that is beyond all reasoning, and doesn’t blend in with humans. This new breed could threaten the existence of all supernaturals everywhere if the words about them gets out. Sally wanted to be human again, but discovered nothing comes without a price. You can’t sell your soul to the devil witch, and think you’re going to get away without paying the piper. Josh just wanted to be human again, and live happily ever after with Nora. He may have gotten part of his wish, but now that he’s been cursed by an Original Werewolf he’s a bigger monster then he ever dreamed he’d be. “Ruh Roh” found all of our friends living with the consequences of trying to change their fates.

“You Live By the Sword, You Die By the Sword”: Being Human Episode (3×13) “Ruh Roh” – MVA Revealed

Being Human 3x13 - Ruh Roh 4The Best Laid Plans… When we last saw Josh and Nora, they were enjoying wedded bliss out in their cabin in the woods. Roaring fire, king size bed, champagne, and Liam. Wait…what? Yeah, the one-eyed OG Werewolf showed up even crazier then usual wanting to educate the newlyweds on what happens when vampire and werewolf blood collides. Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. These things look like Nosferatu in its purest form. Of course, we can’t have that on such a pretty show, so off with their heads! That’s Liam’s mantra. When Josh and Nora decide not to subscribe to Liam’s ‘Vigilante Killer’ newsletter, the guy locks the pair in with a warehouse full of the newborn monsters to fend for their lives. I don’t think anyone truly believed Josh and Nora were goners, but this fight scene was pretty cool.

The action continued when Liam decided to head to the townhouse to kill Aidan, and his new “son” Kenny. In the end, Liam laid dead on the basement floor, and Josh and Nora ran off back to the woods. This time, instead of honeymooning, the two changed for the full moon. When Nora awoke the next morning, Josh wasn’t by her side. Instead, he was waiting for her through the trees, but unlike Nora Josh hadn’t turned back. He was still a wolf. I guess Liam was right. This time around, Josh was going to be different. I can’t wait to see how this change affects Josh and Nora. Liam warned Josh that because he was changed this time by an Original, he’d be more accepting of his wolf. Will Josh’s new point of view change his relationship with Nora? That’s one of the questions I hope get answered next season.

“You didn’t get to kill your maker, but did you want to?”

Being Human 3x13 - Ruh Roh 3Our Father, Who Art In…Boston? Aidan began the episode on a high note. After the newlyweds left for their honeymoon, Aidan and Kat had the whole house to themselves. If you don’t count Sally, of course. Things were cute. Kat wanted to get into Aidan’s pants, but he tried to act like he’d lost the key to his chastity belt. I’m assuming Aidan’s hard to get routine is due to Kat being human, since he was a freak between the sheets when he was with Suren. The bliss was short-lived, though, because Kenny woke up and while Aidan dealt with Kenny’s freak out, Kat discovered Sally’s corpse upstairs. Kat finding out things weren’t normal in that house was a long time coming, but of course Aidan made sure to compel Kat’s memories from her. A pity!

I’ve been a fan of the whole Aidan/Kat pairing, but I just wasn’t feeling it this episode. What I was feeling was Aidan’s other stories: fathering a new breed of monsters, getting his ass kicked by Liam, and the big reveal his dead wife isn’t so dead after all. Hmm… I wonder if having sex with a vamp can turn a human in the Being Human universe, or if he accidentally turned her. If so, could the same end up happening to Kat?

“I think I owe just about everyone at this point.”

Being Human 3x13 - Ruh Roh 3Dead and Loving It… While the boys battled major problems this week, Sally didn’t have much to do then cheer them on from the sidelines. Until Donna showed up. Fresh from putting the whammy on Liam, and helping Josh kill him, Sally was on a high (of sorts). Most of the episode she languished in a state of depression over becoming a ghost once again after such a short time living as a human. Once she realized she could still be a contributing member of the group, Sally began to feel a little better about her situation. Then came Donna to show her how wrong she is. In a scene straight out of Drag Me to Hell, Donna resurfaced in our plane of existence long enough to drag Sally into what for all intents and purposes looks like Hell. With Aidan out feeling blue over having to fake kill Kenny and lie to his friends about it, and Josh and Nora hitting the first major bump in their marriage, no one was around to witness Sally’s fate. As great as the special effects looked, this somehow reminded me of last season’s finale when Sally misguidedly walked into Limbo without telling the boys what she was doing. Deja vu, anyone?

“You don’t know me. You don’t know what I can do.”

 Overall, “Ruh Roh” was a great end of a great season. The series resolved all the problems created this season, while implementing new ones for us to ponder. Now that the series has been picked up for a fourth season, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that our new burning questions will be answered. Unfortunately, we’ve still got to wait a whole year before they are.