Will Next State Offer Online Poker

The online poker race is heating up and its only get hotter in the coming months. With New Jersey, Delaware and Las Vegas already up and running, more states look to capitalize on the revenue stemming from online gaming.

It’s difficult to say which states will be next, but if we look at some recent, and past indications, we can take an educated guess at who will be next.

In this article, well break down the states most likely to start online poker operations in the near future.


California seems the likely candidate to be the next in line for online gambling. But, it is California and they have made fools of us all before.

What makes them prime for online gambling?

For starters, they are one of the poorest states in the country. They have debt that exceeds what any tax increase alone could fix. They need to look elsewhere for revenue and fast.

They already have legal casinos and let’s not forget, they were the first to legalize marijuana. It’s a traditionally left state that has all the characteristics of a state that would benefit from online gaming. They have enough population to support a decent poker network as well. Just like mega888 did.

We give California a 50/50 chance to legalize online gaming within the next year.


This is my pick for the next state to offer online gaming. They tend to follow behind the 3 states they neighbor and do what they do. Since Delaware and New Jersey already have online gaming, Pennsylvania will surely be right behind.

They also have land based casinos already and a big enough population to support it. Oh yeah, they also need money too.

New York

New York is a fickle state. While they are seen as a loosely wild state, they are primarily conservative for the most part. While technically considered a democratic state, they have very strict laws in regard to gambling.

They are however, loosening the reigns with their vote to allow the creation of up to 7 new casinos as reported in our last post. This is a step forward for sure and could be seen as a step towards online regulation. But, these things tend to take time. While I do see New York legalizing online gaming in the future, they will likely be a few years away.


This is a state you don’t hear much about when it comes to gambling. However, they do have land based casinos already and are struggling to keep them alive. It was reported recently that the Indiana gambling revenue has dropped over $70 million from last year. They have the lowest profit since 2002 according to and reported by

The state is looking to up the ante when it comes to gambling and hopefully survive another year. Whether this means online regulation or adding more casinos is the big question. With casinos already in place and a state in desperate need of cash, they are a prime contender to look at online gaming as a solution.


Having a business in the gambling industry is very dangerous in many ways. In monetary ways you may face loss, in legal ways, if you stay in a place where such activities are banned you need to play safe. Also, if you do this online then you have to make your site very safe to have people with you.

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