You Can’t Run From Your Past: Cult Episode (1×07) “Suffer the Children” – MVA Revealed


Aisha HindsOne of the most enigmatic characters on Cult has been Detective Sakelik. From the very beginning you could never tell if she was a friend or foe. Sometimes when Jeff and Skye found themselves in sticky situations it was Sakelik who would mysteriously pop up, and fix things. It may not have been to their liking, but they were saved nonetheless. Once Jeff discovered his brother Nate was working with Sakelik and her group, he began to realize that things are even more complicated than they seemed. Aisha Hinds carries an air of mystery and danger to the performance that leave you riveted to every scene she’s in. Hinds’ portrayal of a True Believer willing to do anything for the cause is why she’s this week’s Most Valuable Actor (MVA). 

Cult Episode (1×08) Promo – “The Devil You Know”

In “Suffer the Children,” we finally learn more about Sakelik’s background (like her first name), and see exactly what Rosalind is capable of. Not only has Roz killed Burt, but we discover that 25 years ago she murdered a Hollywood actress during a home invasion. Living in a cult is comfortable for Sakelik, because she grew up in one. When the adults disappeared and abandoned all the children in the compound it was Roz who stepped up to care for them. Hinds gives so much strength to her character, that it was completely believable that Sakelik would be capable of doing such a thing.

What was surprising was how easy it was for Sakelik to kill her “little sister” Annabel. When Sakelik discovered Annabel was unnerved about her recent behavior, namely killing Burt, Sakelik decided to pay her a visit at their old home. As soon as she saw Annabel talking to Jeff and Skye, Roz shot her dead. It was one thing for Sakelik to be cavalier about killing a stranger for “the greater good,” but it’s another for her to kill a member of her family. Yet Roz didn’t appear to feel anything about it.  Sakelik has always seemed strange, but Hinds managed to make her terrifying.

Now that we know these cult kids are possibly somehow involved with Steven Rae and the real life cult behind the series, I can’t wait to see what Sakelik will do from here on out. Jeff and Skye are eyewitnesses to one of her crimes which puts a target on their heads. Hinds has added so many layers to Sakelik that have somehow made her even more of a mystery despite us learning more about her. Next week we’ll see Jeff and Skye try to get more ammunition against the detective to bring her down once and for all. Now that Sakelik has killed one of her own she has very little left to lose, which puts Jeff in Skye in a very precarious position. Hinds has given such a great performance thus far, and continues to get better and better each week. It will be exciting to see what else she brings to this complex character.

Cult Episode 1.08, “The Devil You Know,” Airs on April 12th at 9 EST on the CW

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