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Gaming Guide

Poker Playing Tips – How To Defend Your Big Line Efficiently

When you are posting the big blind in a flop game and another player raises before the flop, you must decide if you want to call this raise. You are getting a “discount” on the hand because you already have money in the pot. This situation offers you a better price to call a raise […]


Tenchu Z For The XBOX 360

When I heard about Tenchu coming to the Xbox 360 and having online play, I will admit that I was excited. I have played numerous Tenchu titles from the original Sony Playstation to the Sony Playstation 2. When it first came out in 1998, it was innovative. You played the role of a ninja who […]

Gaming Guide

7 Tips For Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Most of us will not wind up at the final table of a major poker tournament. We have to console ourselves with local pickup games and charity tournaments. Or, if we’re fortunate, we may get to play at a casino in Connecticut or Nevada. But no matter where you play, these tips should help you […]

Gaming Poker

The Brilliance of Poker Player Daniel Negranu

Have you ever watched poker player Daniel Negranu in action at a poker table. If you are a regular at, you might know a lot about him and other such players.  Daniel Negranu is perhaps the best young poker player in the game right now and I put him right next to Phil Ivey […]


Poker Night Pillow Slip Cover Craft Project

These simple Poker Night pillow slip covers are the perfect way to transforms small space into a poker game room in a matter of minutes. Best of all when poker night is over, you can remove the slip covers and pack them away! Living in a small space I am always trying to come up […]


Putting the Fantasy Back into Sports

I recently took part in my first fantasy baseball draft of the season one night last week. Ignoring the exam that I had scheduled the following day, I spent an hour and a half sitting on my computer asking myself these very important questions: Should I go with Ichiro or Derek Jeter in the second […]

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Sport Or Not A Sport – Understanding Through The Activities Involved

Recently, my buddies and I were out having a few beers at our local establishment. As the basketball game on ESPN came to a close, we noticed that the World Series of Poker was going to be on next. While I enjoy watching the WSOP, I have always been baffled about the decision to put […]


Zelda The “Link” To A Life Long Gamer

“Happy Birthday” was the words that preceded the gift of my new Nintendo game system. It was the new Super Nintendo and I couldn’t wait to play it. I had played on the Atari 2600 system and loved it. I remember having “gamer thumb” and of course that is when you have pressed the red […]