Casino Game Rules Enforced – Check the rules

Instead of trying to win by chance, there will always be some people who are willing to cheat, steal or scam their way into a jackpot. That is why casino employees are always present to ensure casino game rules are followed, because no matter how high tech the surveillance system is, security starts on the gaming floor. Of course, there are also the “eye-in-the-sky” security cameras, which allow security personnel to watch the entire floor at once.

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Casino Security Keeps Players and Employees in Check

Government agencies routinely review casino security tapes, and casinos even have cameras in the accountant’s office. Believe it or not, this big brother attitude is meant to maintain public confidence in casino gambling, and so far it’s working. In Colorado, casinos with three or more gaming tables or 250 or more slot machines are required to look out for gamers breaking casino game rules with hidden security cameras that would make most banks envious.

There are two types of casino security: physical security where officers walk around the casino, making their presence felt, and “soft” security, which is the use of hidden security cameras. The cameras have to be sophisticated enough to catch all of the action in the casino, including card play and who the players are. They cover every machine in the casino, as well as all gaming tables, cashier’s cages, and money counting rooms.

The casino will, for the most part, frown upon anything you do that does not directly benefit the house. Even if you follow the rules of craps or blackjack, if the house finds you’re winning too regularly, they might ban you from the game, and in some cases they might ask you to leave altogether.

Generally this is for people who are on extremely long or lucrative winning streaks however. This rule is only invoked on table games in which human intelligence and skill must be used to gain an advantage. Casinos generally don’t pay much attention to players who have winning streaks on the slot machines.

New Advances in Casino Surveillance Technology

In early 2009, Foxwoods Casino Resort in eastern Connecticut unveiled new RFID chips embedded with radio frequency identification. This technology allows pit bosses and casino managers to track the movements of the chips – and in turn the player – as well as wagering, winnings and losses. The technology first made headlines in 2004, when experts realized that it would make things more difficult for persons who want to forge chips, which can happen if a player or staff member slips one out of the casino.

Online poker rooms and casinos also have a vested interest in enforcing game rules and providing a fair gaming environment for everyone. These sites are generally very secretive about how they protect the integrity of their environments, but it is widely speculated that they use nearly impregnable security software, which allows them to provide their gamers with a safe place to play.

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