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Take a Trip: Casino’s Great For a Bad Economy?

Even though the economy is almost in shambles, and falling more and more in trouble as the days prolong the feeling of an inevitable depression. I found some clarity in a slight vacation last weekend. The casinos are only thirty minutes from my new house. Even though it was a Monday night, the urge to […]


My Biggest Secret: I Am a Teenage Gambling Addict

Bright futures always wait for me, for I am an elementary valedictorian; wise, clever, intelligent, intellectual and hard working boy; making my self one of those great students of my time. Notwithstanding, due by the influence of my family; a gambler father, brothers and sister, I can only comprehend to them by doing such things […]

Gaming Guide Things to do Travelling

4 Best Places To Watch Ncaa Tournament In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been the best place to watch the NCAA Tournament. Where else can you find hundreds of TV’s on one wall and betting windows just beneath them? Every casino has a version of an NCAA Tournament Party but there are five parties that stand out above the rest. Hard Rock Goes above […]


Skipping The Romance For Valentine’s Day With The Kids

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single or when your valentine is miles away? If you have kids, like me, it’s actually quite simple. Skip all the romantic notions and party with the kids. This year the kids and I will be having a craft and treat party. It’s not quite the same […]


How to Get Casino Hotel Comps And Discounts

Here are some suggestions to help you maximize your savings, even with minimal gambling. You must write these down in 먹튀검증 for your next game.  Ask About Discounts When Booking When you book your room, ask about discounts. If you use a travel agent, ask them. If you use the hotel website, why not call […]

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Tips To Playing Blackjack Like A Pro

If one wants to play blackjack like a pro, there are several important tips to remember. The best tip on being a good Blackjack player is “Don’t play.” Although a strategy was devised in the 1970’s that gave a slight advantage to the player, the casinos have changed the rules of the game in order […]


Electronic Gambling Bingo Halls Overpopulating Walker County, Alabama

In early 2007 the first “charity” bingo hall popped up in Argo, located between the city limits of Jasper and Sumiton. It was the most recent attempt to establish electronic gambling in Walker County after many before it had failed miserably. It soon became apparent to everyone that not only was there no bingo involved, just cheap […]


A Test to Reveal If a Deck of Cards Has Been Marked

Ever play poker with a guy who always seems to know what cards you’re holding? Marked cards have long been a staple of poker and most other card games where money is on the line. This test to determine if you have been holding marked cards only works when you are playing against a lower […]


All about epic buffet! What are they? Read to know

Hollywood Casino is located at 1150 Casino Strip Resort Blvd. in Robinsonville, MS. Their telephone number is 662-357-7700. It is located across the street from Sam’s Town and right next to Resorts. It is also located just down the road from the Microtel Inns and Suites and it is also located close to the Riverbend […]


Will Ohio Finally Have Casinos?

Ohio looks to have casinos on the ballot for the third time in November of 2008. The first two times, the casinos were rejected by the voters, thanks to a strong anti-gambling push. This and many other reasons have so far contributed to keep people waiting for judi casino in the state and eagerly apprehending […]