Casinos ‘” Arcade For Adults In Brief! Read To Know

For some of the best Casinos I would look no further than Las Vegas, Nevada. A real living Oasis, a real Fantasy Island gambling game of bandarqq online; that is a widely known website providing the services in the segment of casinos with all the betting odds. Nestled in a valley out in the Mojave […]

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Poker Playing Tips – How To Defend Your Big Line Efficiently

When you are posting the big blind in a flop game and another player raises before the flop, you must decide if you want to call this raise. You are getting a “discount” on the hand because you already have money in the pot. This situation offers you a better price to call a raise […]


Tenchu Z For The XBOX 360

When I heard about Tenchu coming to the Xbox 360 and having online play, I will admit that I was excited. I have played numerous Tenchu titles from the original Sony Playstation to the Sony Playstation 2. When it first came out in 1998, it was innovative. You played the role of a ninja who […]

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7 Tips For Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Most of us will not wind up at the final table of a major poker tournament. We have to console ourselves with local pickup games and charity tournaments. Or, if we’re fortunate, we may get to play at a casino in Connecticut or Nevada. But no matter where you play, these tips should help you […]

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The Brilliance of Poker Player Daniel Negranu

Have you ever watched poker player Daniel Negranu in action at a poker table. If you are a regular at, you might know a lot about him and other such players.  Daniel Negranu is perhaps the best young poker player in the game right now and I put him right next to Phil Ivey […]


Poker Night Pillow Slip Cover Craft Project

These simple Poker Night pillow slip covers are the perfect way to transforms small space into a poker game room in a matter of minutes. Best of all when poker night is over, you can remove the slip covers and pack them away! Living in a small space I am always trying to come up […]


Zelda The “Link” To A Life Long Gamer

“Happy Birthday” was the words that preceded the gift of my new Nintendo game system. It was the new Super Nintendo and I couldn’t wait to play it. I had played on the Atari 2600 system and loved it. I remember having “gamer thumb” and of course that is when you have pressed the red […]

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Can Roulette Systems Put Money in Your Pocket?

Roulette can be a thrilling game. It can also be a costly one if you are not using good roulette systems. Unfortunately, most players rely on betting their spouse’s birthday or other such sentimental numbers. Occasionally thrown in are guesses between red and black. This inevitably leads to an undesirable result. There is a better […]