Hotel Review: Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

On a recent vacation to the Las Vegas strip, I had the privilege of staying at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. Little did I know, my bar of decency would be challenged by an old, rusty, out-of-date room and horrid amenities? Moreover, the casino was not that good as well, this is why I tried 카지노 사이트 추천 which was a much better alternative to the casino there. 

Living in Las Vegas, we rarely actually visit the strip; so, when I planned a recent surprise mini-vacation for my 10-year olds birthday what better choice for the stay than the Circus Circus. This hotel is notorious for its child-like atmosphere and abundant activities. What we found nearly ruined our vacation.

Our first problems started at the check-in lines which were horrendous. After forty-five minutes of waiting in line, we finally checked in and received the key to our modest Manor room with no apologies for the wait. Mind you, we were checking in on a Tuesday. This was not a Friday or Saturday, notoriously busy nights in Las Vegas.

As if that experience wasn’t enough, upon entering our room which was situated across the street from the main hotel, we were punched in the face with the old adage, “You get what you pay for!” The Manor room was booked for right under $54.00 per night and a Super 8 motel offers better amenities. The décor was old, worn and dated. The mattresses on the two queen beds rose only 2 feet from the floor and there were cobwebs and stains on the walls. This room truly was not what I had expected from shiny Las Vegas. We put up with the digs until I tried to bathe my 3-year-olds and found the bathroom fixtures rusted and broken. This final straw led me straight to the front office.

My visit to the front office was a pleasant highlight of the previous events. The office manager was understanding and accommodating even amidst my enraged banter. We were immediately moved to a room in the West Tower which retails for a little more than $100.00 per night for no additional charge.

The main hotel room in the West Tower of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino was much closer to what I had expected. The décor was clean and refreshing with the slight air of the Circus Circus themes throughout. The bathroom was remodeled with granite countertops and a granite shower stall. The fixtures were bright and shiny and there was certainly no stains or cobwebs insight. The beds were both of normal height and I was finally on vacation.

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino offers a circus-style atmosphere for the kid in all of us no matter our age. One of the main attractions is the in house circus acts. These acts are all the rage and as a family of kids, we were eagerly awaiting the chance to see a show. We gathered ourselves and headed off to the midway where the circus acts are performed and saw a crowd forming in the stadium seating. We collected our seats and waited for the show. We waited and waited. Oh, and waited, one hour to be exact. A woman behind us even said, “This show better be GREAT!” Finally, the act came to the stage. A woman dressed in velvet and sequins would be performing balancing acts on a circle twenty feet in the air. We were amazed. The act was beautiful for the eight minutes it lasted. Then, the stage was clear and a clock brought out where the act had just stood. Fifteen minutes until the next act. To put it plainly I must quote a patron of the Circus Circus, “You have got to be kiddin’ me!” This trip would have to get better than this.

To finish my review of the Circus Circus let us just say that the time we spent there was full of disappointment. To hit all the main points…

The hotel rooms are older and worn.

You have to pay for great accommodations to get good ones.

Nothing is included in the room price. No food discounts or cool Las Vegas coupons.

The circus acts are lame and overstated.

The midway is fun and energetic but wildly overpriced.

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV is one hotel I hope to never have to stay with again. I was truly disappointed at every turn and taken aback by the overpriced nature of everything from a cup of coffee to a Krispy Kreme donut. The hotel left me feeling spent in more ways than the obvious and at the end of the vacation I was happy to walk through my front door. The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino barely rate one out of five stars.

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