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Kings Of Cash Microgaming Online Pokies

People have been playing card games for hundreds of years but card games have never been as exciting and rewarding as they are in the Kings of Cash online pokies. Kings of Cash pokies brings the rulers of the four suits together as they compete in a gentlemanly fashion for the game’s payouts and bonus wins.

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Kings of Cash is available on any preferred gaming device which gives you the opportunity to play in a way that meets your individual needs and expectations. PC players have their choice of playing on casino software that they’ve downloaded into their laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino while individuals who wish to are gambling at the casino’s URL can open the game and play safely and securely at the Flash Casino.

Kings of Cash is one of pokies in which you can win real money on online games at the mobile casino as you play on your smartphone or tablet device. You can download the casino app to play Kings of Cash online pokies for real money or you can play right on the casino’s mobile website.

Regardless of your gambling platform, you’ll enjoy one of the Microgaming casinos’ most interactive and rewarding games when you play the Kings of Cash online pokies for real money at the Australian online casino.

Meet the Kings

The king of hearts, the king of diamonds, the king of clubs and the king of spades are banding together to bring you a pokies that combines history, intrigue, suspense and whimsy. Historically, the four kings evolved during times of crisis in Europe’s monarchies. While in the real world, kings’ and queens’ heads were falling and empires were quaking, the royal images on the houses of cards were becoming more popular than ever.

The Chinese were the first to come up with the concept of card-playing. They developed card decks approximately 600 years ago. Explorers and other travelers brought card-playing to India and then to westward, first to Persia and Egypt and then to Europe by way of Spain and Italy. Some of the first decks of cards were hand-painted works of art which royalty and other members of high society collected and played. Slowly, over time, the concept of competing at card games moved through society until by the 19th century card games were enjoyed by gentry and common folk alike.

Some of the first gilded cards from the 14th and 15th centuries were decorated by gold-encrusted images. By the 16th century, card-makers were standardizing the cards into four groupings which included the German Swords, Coins, Cups and Batons to the French Hearts, Leaves, Bells and Acorns. Some of these images were represtative of society’s institutions. For instance Hearts represented the Church, Bells represented noble classes and Leaves and Acorns signified the middle and peasantry classes.

Today’s card decks include hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds which have given rise to games of Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, Speed/Spit, Play or Pay, Cheat and more. Now the world of cards has entered the realm of pokies where the card deck’s familiar figures line up on enabled paylines to provide pokies fun and entertainment.

Kings of Cash Pokies

In the Kings of Cash pokies, the Kings are ready to share their royal treasuries with the commoners through spins and wins. The Kings of Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds are in a joyous mood — the storehouses are stocked with gold coins, blind and banknotes. Every combination that you complete on the 15 paylines brings you a winning payout. Symbols of royal life and largesse include kings’ crowns, family crests, thrones, treasure chests, and jewelry, with more jewels and dollar signs displayingon the reels.

Special Symbols

The Kings of Cash logo substitutes for other symbols as the game’s logo. Three or more logos emerging simultaneously on an enabled payline creates its own Kings of Cash win. The Royal banner is a scatter which triggers scatter wins with 3 or more scatters appear on the reels, in any pattern. When this happens, the free spins round is triggered.

Free Spins

In the Free spins round you are awarded up to 25 free spins, The number of scatters that activated the free spins found determines the number of free spins that the game awards you. Free Spin wins are automatically multiplied x10.

Gamble Game

Any regular game win triggers the Gamble Game. This round is optional – you can play it to double or quadruple your existing wins or you can pass it over and return to the regular game. You don’t have to gamble, but it’s a lot of fun if you do.

Click the Gamble button to receive a concealed card. Guess the card’s colour (red or black) correctly to double your wins. Guess the card’s suit (spades, hearts, clubs or diamonds) and quadruple your wins.

Gamble as many times as you wish, up to a maximum of five times.

Kings of Cash Bonus Round

The Kings of Cash bonus round can be launched during the base game or during a Free Spin in the midst of the free spins round. Whenever three or more Crown symbols occur anywhere on the reels, on enabled or unabled paylines, the bonus game begins. In this game you are presented with a group of cards. If you match three kings of the same suit you’ll achieve a bonus payout. These bonus wins are multiplied by the value of the bet that you made on the spin that activated the bonus game. You can win up to 300,000 coins during the bonus round. .

Casino Bonus

Kings of Cash online pokies players are entitled to apply their casino bonus points, credits, free spins and cash to their gambling event. New players receive a Welcome bonus that gifts you with free casino cash plus match bonus credits on your first week’s deposits.

Kings of Cash players also earn loyalty points based on the number of games that you play, the level of the deposits and the number of deposits made. As you move up the Loyalty Points ladder you can trade in the points for casino give-aways with the more points collected, the bigger and better the gifts!

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